Skin Care Laid Out

As you know skin care changes, depending on the skin's needs, seasons and on us who need to change it ever so often. New things are exc...

As you know skin care changes, depending on the skin's needs, seasons and on us who need to change it ever so often. New things are exciting, especially trying out new skin care! In this post I have gathered all the items I have used regularly, even between trying new things. These have been staples, some of them longer, some of them not so long... yet these seem to be working for me. Also stay tuned for many skin care posts in the future where I can introduce you to the new and maybe more exciting skin care products that make the cut, but aren't necessarily staples yet. 

Good skin starts with cleansing and I like to do it very deeply. So I have been using Organic Surge Daily Care Refreshing Face Wash, it is the one gentle enough not to strip the skin, yet gets everything clean. It is even safe to use it around the eyes to remove the eye makeup. I have used it on and off for a very long time and it has to be my all time favourite. To get the deeper and better cleanse I use the face wash with Clarisonic Mia that has also been around for years. Its brush heads change depending on the season, current skin needs, right now it is operating with the Deep Pore Brush Head to get the most detoxifying cleanse, cleaner pores and smoothest skin. I have heard mixed reviews on Clarisonic, but I have nothing bad to say about mine... you either love it very much or hate it. I can't even imagine going without it. Of course you can get great skin with many good exfoliants, but this makes your skin different kind of smooth and clean, that can't be described as long as you haven't tried it. Best investment ever! 

After cleansing I am using Organic Surge Daily Care Orange Flower Toning Water smells divine, clarifies, balances and leaves it very soft. Some people, even some cosmetologists think toner is unnecessary as long as you use pH balanced face wash. I have news to you... your face wash can be good, but your tap water probably isn't and it is the last thing you put on your face when rinsing. There were times where I didn't get the purpose of the toners, now I can never skip it and my skin feels a lot better. 

Face mask wise I have stayed loyal to two of them. Vestige Verdant Organic Mask I have reviewed in here. So I will be short. It is one of the masks that is multi-tasking: it cleanses, stimulates, fights with ageing and imperfections while leaving it smooth and nourished. Other one is Lumene Glow Reveal 60 Second Facial which is another multi-tasking mask. This clay based product has properties of exfoliant, purifier and brightener by containing clay, lactic acid and natural oils. Now they carry it in the new packaging, but the product in its own goodness stayed the same.

About weekly or as needed I am using some kind of treatment on my face. I just apply it during night time under right after cleansing and toning before moisturising. BioNike Acnet Cream prevents any spots, impurities and treats them quickly. Applied on problem areas only, it won't dry skin out or irritated it at all. Glycolic acid along with salicylic acid create the perfect combination to combat any clogged pores, blemishes and keep the unwanted dead skin away. Dermalogica Skin Renewal Booster that is quite expensive, but you only need a drop of it as it is concentrate to use with your moisturiser on under it. Containing exfoliating lactic acid, salicylic acid and hisbiscus extract this product much more gentle than Acnet Cream, even suitable for dry skin. I promotes natural exfoliation to get rid of dullness and get improved texture. I use it mainly for smoother texture, more even skin and overall skin renewal. Even after one use skin feels a lot smoother and clearer.

Final step in skin care is nourishing. Before that I sometimes apply You & Oil Ki Acne to any rashes, blemishes or spots. It is blend of essential oils that spot treats and heals in a natural way. They do carry different blends for different problems and purposes. Before any moisturiser or serum comes eye cream. At least in my book, because you would't put your clothes on before your underwear, would you? MOSSA Restoring Eye Cream has been with me for a while now. It has blackberry omega 3-9 complex along with many other flower waters and natural extracts that moisturise, brighten and smooth perfectly. To get the natural glowing tan that doesn't appear heavy like self-tanners do, I occasionally add few drops of Clarins Radiance-Plus Golden Glow Booster into my serum or moisturiser and end up with naturally glowing skin tone. When it comes to nourishing I am alternating between two oil based face serums. They are both wonderful, but have different tasks. Terre Verdi Balancing Facial Serum is like a miracle worker when skin is dehydrated, but can also get problematic and unbalanced. It treats special needs skin gently and with respect, giving it the right oil balance and keeping impurities at bay. You & Oil Nourish and Energise Vitamin Serum is a lot richer and comes into play when skin is drier or as a night treatment. As it really is like food for your skin, you will get smoother, plumper and hydrated face. It is also recommended to use it 1-2 cycles a year not to overfeed the skin.