Current Base

The most changing in my makeup routine has to be the base. As skin changes with weather or something else, I instantly pick out something e...

The most changing in my makeup routine has to be the base. As skin changes with weather or something else, I instantly pick out something else. Or am I just bored and always looking something better than current routine? Probably little bit of both. 
My skin has been really dry and every foundation I praised for has been too heavy, too visible on my skin etc. Most of the times I just apply my toner/eye cream/serum/moisturiser and I am good to go. But when I am feeling fierce or want to look somewhat presentable I have reached out for these.

Bioderma Photoderm AR SPF 50+ tinted cream that has UVA and UVB protection. It is incredibly versatile multi purpose product. Smoothing skin's texture, covering redness while curing it, evening out the skin tone, protecting from aging and moisturising while giving skin dewy healthy glow. The texture is creamy and the shade might seem light for some skin colours, but I assure it will blend in with many complexions. Applying the cream is like a dream. Instantly calming and hydrating while melting into skin like a butter. Basically it is taking care of itself, you just have to wear it. Coverage wise it is light, it is tinted cream after all, but definitely buildable with a second layer. Although cream is like a dream when applied with hands, I get more coverage when blending it with a brush.

bdellium Studio 957 Precision Kabuki has been my favourite face brush for a while. Years of serving me hasn't worn it off or changed it at all. High quality synthetic bristles blend any product with ease and precision. Quite large brush head allows the product to go on face within few swipes and cuts down the time you spend on perfecting your face. 

For under eyes and overall brightening I grab for Bourjois Radiance Reveal Concealer. It also has a very creamy texture that melts into skin like warm butter (can you see the pattern here?) and gives exactly what it promises. As it is highly concentrated and pigmented tiny amount will cover a lot. The only downside I can think of is the scent... it is quite perfumed and can get galling when used for a while. Fortunately it doesn't linger on skin after application.

Setting the base is important, because you spent your valuable time on it and you don't want all that perfection to go waste. I usually hate powders, because most of them are drying, make my face claustrophobic even if they claim to be translucent and invisible. I still want to set my makeup, so I feel most confident with natural mineral powders, they just feel least suffocating if at all. This is the powder I have talked about before. Its very fine 'fairy dust' texture gives the nicest satin finish so skin looks naturally glowing without feeling like you wear powder at all. This light diffusing Beautiful Me 'Dewy Perfection' powder goes well with foundation brush that would compliment the application of any powder product.