Magical Le'Maagi

Time has gone by without any mercy. Therefore I can say I have given my full attention to the products of the Estonian brand Le'Maagi ....

Time has gone by without any mercy. Therefore I can say I have given my full attention to the products of the Estonian brand Le'Maagi. This is fairly new and maybe little bit unknown. In this case I prefer to say it is underestimate, because the products are fairly simple, yet very powerful.

The product line isn't consisting long list of different products and actually there is no need for it, I find these to be quite universal for every skin type.

The brand has been created in small patches which gives natural touch to everything and makes it that more special. The understanding behind Le'Maagi is that beauty isn't only seen with our eyes, it is around us, inside us, and makes our bodies move, think and feel. They believe that life should be a balance between human and nature, so they created products that are purely natural, not only caring for our skin, but balancing our mood, feeling and state of mind.

Yes, you might think, that you have heard it all, it is nothing special about it. But think again when you are looking your stash of skin care products that each contain full page long list of ingredients you probably can't even pronounce. 

It is quite refreshing to switch to the deep cleansing soap that has naturally caring oils in it. Gentle enough to use on face, its smooth caring lather cleanses deeply, yet doesn't leave skin uncomfortably tight. Argan oil is like a miracle for your skin by keeping skin clear and smooth while Palmarosa essential oil is very hydrating, antiseptic, keeps skin's natural moisture balance and its scent helps to fight anxiety, depression and fatigue. 

Face Oil definitely has the main role in this game. It is perfect for all skin types, absorbs quickly without unwanted greasy feel, doesn't feel heavy or clogging on skin. The golden oil feels very luxurious and concentrated, so a drop goes very long way. Depending on your skin type or current condition you can always apply more. Containing rosehip seed oil , jojoba oil, hemp oil, carrot oil along with geranium essential oil this face elixir is wonderful at giving skin its natural glow, balancing the oil production while fighting with pigmentation, inflammation and aging process. The scent of geranium relieves stress. I find this face oil being irreplaceable during winter time when skin feels dehydrated, but you don't want suffocate it with heavy creams and emollients. 

To top everything you have to take care of lips, especially during cold months. Best option is to choose natural mineral oil free lip balm. This balm with smooth texture and aromatic plum oil cures and protects while giving the pout its natural shine. I still can't get over the so true to life scent of fresh plums.