The Blushed Nudes + Master Brow

Something I recently got: Maybelline The Blushed Nudes Palette   and Master Brow Pro Palette . These are fairly new in here, I got excited ...

Something I recently got: Maybelline The Blushed Nudes Palette and Master Brow Pro Palette. These are fairly new in here, I got excited and had to grab both even if I actually may not need them (or may I?) in my life. Today I put them into test and applied both quickly and tried to put as little effort into it as possible. Some things surprised me in a great way, some things not so much.

The eyeshadow palette looks absolutely beautiful and divine. Having mostly shimmery shadows in it, I assumed I will get some fall out with darker shadows and I wasn't wrong. Fall out was easier to get rid of than I suspected though, gentle swipe with powder brush and all was gone without leaving any trace on my face. Colour pay off could be better, but with building up few layers, you can get more opaque finish. While I didn't grab my eyeshadow primer, I recommend doing it... just to make your life easier. Consistency is quite soft and powdery creamy, this allows you to blend different shades together easily, but you can also get away with just wearing one shade at a time. Brush applicator it comes with is quite useless, but all the downsides can be forgotten if you see the shades itself. Beautiful rosy nude colours just melt my heart. This selection definitely will compliment anybody's summer makeup, from neutral to more dramatic.

Eyebrow kit looks also fabulous and comes with a useless brush I immediately threw out, brow wax, brow powder and a highlight powder. Wax is quite hard to apply and seems dry to me, you have to work dig in to make it easier to apply. Powder glides on like a dream and with very few strokes will build you a perfect arch. No fall out or smudging throughout the day, everything will stay put just like you intended to. Highlight is like a cherry on top of a cake! It is very natural creamy shade, lightens everything up and pulls everything together.

To sum up, I love both products and most definitely are these worth to try out. If you experiment with the textures, get the hang of everything and own few good brushes yourself, these work with an ease and won't fail in offering you the perfect blushed nude makeup and polished arch.