Tassikoogid Cupcake Shop

Surrounded by the most interesting antique and art shops, Estonia's first cupcake shop Tassikoogid   on Tähe street 21 definitely catch...

Surrounded by the most interesting antique and art shops, Estonia's first cupcake shop Tassikoogid  on Tähe street 21 definitely catches the eye when taking a walk through Tartu. On one beautiful Saturday afternoon I decided to walk in and have a treat while enjoying freshly brewed cappuccino. While walking in you can definitely feel and sense the romantic style and retro vibe surrounding the whole room. Cupcake stands are full of freshly baked goods they do bake themselves every day. Besides offering wonderful selection of cupcakes to every taste, they do have a selection of macaroons, cake pops and offer bakings upon orders. 

We got coffee cupcake along with salted caramel cupcake to taste with our coffees. Chocolate one had coffee filling and sour cream topping on a chocolate base. It was perfectly moist, rich in taste and after having just one you will be fulfilled with the nice combination of chocolate and coffee. Both tastes go hand in hand together without overpowering each others. Perfect choice if you love coffee and to have with creamy cappuccino! Salted caramel cupcake consisted of the vanilla base, yoghurt cream and salted caramel filling. Wonderful treat to anyone who wants to have a quality treat, but dislikes too sweet cakes.

While enjoying coffee and cake, we got to chat privately, look at the magical surroundings, both inside and outside without feeling rushed. I will definitely want to go back and have a cupcake outside during summertime as the little table next to the wooden house under the Tassikoogid sign just shouts 'come and get the taste of fairytale'. Yes, it sure does feel like being in a fairytale in this cupcake shop.