JOIK Anti-Age

JOIK Anti-Age line is one of their newest ones on their quite wide skincare department. Products themselves aren't particularly new th...

JOIK Anti-Age line is one of their newest ones on their quite wide skincare department. Products themselves aren't particularly new though, just new to me. Whenever I used their regular skincare before I was quite satisfied with it and didn't even think about switching. Now the time has begun and I have many things to say about these two beautiful bottles in front of you. 

JOIK Rejuvenating Night Cream with key ingredients of hyaluronic acid, vitamin B3, echinacea extract, bilberry extract, ginger extract, dandelion juice, primula veris,  mallow, lady's mantle, greater plantain, and yarrow extracts, mango butter, hemp seed oil, evening primrose oil. What a long list of goodness! Usually I don't include full active ingredient list into my blog posts, but with this particular one I feel proud. Having tried and tested many, many natural skin care products, I haven't stumbled upon contents so unique and relevant to my home country. This is what JOIK has done, included plant extracts that are local, describe our nordic climate and plants. Imagine my joy when I first got around using this night cream, I immediately got nostalgic and recognised the scent of childhood dandelions. 
The cream itself is thicker and feels very concentrated, so really small amount goes a very long way. It may feel greasy to some kin types, but this is where noticing the amount you apply comes into play. I personally love my night creams to be rich and full. When allowing cream to absorb, you can feel slight tingling and circulation staring to work. Just one week into using it, I did notice my skin being less dehydrated, dull and skin tone much more even. This is definitely not just your usual moisturiser, but highly active, cream that really works without being full of chemicals.

JOIK Rejuvenating Eye Cream with coffee, field horsetail extracts, vitamin B3, hyaluronic acid and many more, keeps eye area well-rested while combating puffiness and darkness. While working great under the makeup when applied in the mornings, I especially adore it during the night times, because when I wake up, my eye area is always so smooth, moisturised and definitely brighter. I do recommend giving your eye area a gentle massage when applying it, this ensures you get the most out of its toning, circulating effects and you might even get rid of your dark circles. I am truly enjoying this eye cream's invigorating effect, that is very similar to the night cream, just more gentler like it should be when the eye area comes into play. 

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