Blossoming Hair

I start to somewhat repeat myself when I say you should give yourself a break from all the ingredients you put into hair, skin, body etc. I...

I start to somewhat repeat myself when I say you should give yourself a break from all the ingredients you put into hair, skin, body etc. I do believe in restarting your whatever regimen and giving a more natural options a chance to boost the health and condition of whatever you are trying to deal with. Resetting your haircare should start with good cleansing shampoo, that removes any buildup, additional products in the most gentle way. Whenever your hair is in need of a boost, last thing you want is to strip it too much. 

This Skin Blossom Complete Care Shampoo is the perfect option for it. Its zesty scent and texture feels not only refreshingly calming and cleansing to scalp, but also will gently lather to remove the dullness without weakening the hair strand. Bergamot, rosemary, aloe vera, lemon, lime, sweet orange, lemon grass, jojoba oil- all these work together perfectly to ensure healthy scalp and locks without compromising hair's overall health. Not only it is perfect shampoo to cleanse before giving your hair a good deep condition afterwards, it actually combats any problems your scalp may have: balances oil production, keeps dandruff at bay, stimulates hair growth. After using it few times it felt like I got back the clean, simple, 'blank canvas' hair I once had when I was a kid. If you have to choose between the two, this shampoo is the way to go!

After getting rid of all the build up, depending on your hair type, you might not feel the urge to slather a good conditioner all over the strands. When this is the case, congrats, you have normal and healthy hair, do enjoy the fullness and shine that natural essential oils in shampoo provided you. I am always reaching for the extra moisture and Skin Blossom Complete Care Conditioner is something I am confident applying all over my head, not to mention my scalp. Its creamy texture glides on easily, even though I myself would prefer even richer product on my ends. For a daily conditioner, I will use in between weekly masks, it makes a perfect product for me, but my dry hair type does require some kind of hair oil or serum afterwards. Pracaxi oil, aloe vera, rosemary and all the citruses seal the cuticle of the strands, give it volume, shine and stimulate the scalp while gently nourishing. Not to mention the refreshing and boosting zesty aroma therapy whenever you apply it. 

After I have completed the routine of using these two, I usually give my damp ends a good dose of natural oils as a leave in serum and can absolutely see the difference in absorption. Not that it is overly dry, but my hair can actually breathe and skin in everything that otherwise would have stayed on top of the hair strand without actually giving full penetration.