Beauty Bloggers Event 2016

This weekend I took apart from an event 'Ilublogijate Kokkutulek 2016' where many Estonian beauty bloggers got together, learned a...

This weekend I took apart from an event 'Ilublogijate Kokkutulek 2016' where many Estonian beauty bloggers got together, learned about few beauty brands, enjoyed good food and drinks. Most importantly between all that we got to meet each other, talk all the important talks and leave with the goodie bags that were full of products to try... and all that because of to the most generous sponsors who supported us and made this event possible. 

Wonderful Al Bastione restaurant hosted us and fed us wonderful food. Their healthy pizza disappeared as fast as they served it and their interior was cozy yet sleek. Vitamin Well and John Lemon took it to their responsibility that we wouldn't get thirsty. Hands down, both beverages taste wonderful, are good for you and keep you going. Lovely local homemade waffle makers from Vahvlihaldjad served us the crispiest nostalgic waffles I have tasted in a long time. These do bring back memories from childhood and will definitely be the highlight of every event. 

Many companies chose to take apart from the event and introduce their products in person. Even though a lot of them were already familiar to me, I enjoyed getting to know how some products were born, what were the struggles and joys when creating them and the gratitude towards beauty bloggers as a part of their journey was felt almost everywhere. 

As I have decided long time ago, I will be honest and clear in all of my posts. Not everything was great and bubbly, but that is also fine, because it gives us something to think about, a new perspective and an experience! The only bitter taste I had in my mouth when leaving this event was due to the person who represented Vestige Verdant

I love this company and admire everything they do and have done so far. They have always been so humble, brave and appreciative of everything, therefore the whole situation was very surprising. I do hope that Vestige Verdant as a company don't actually accept the qualities like 'we are better than everybody else', 'we know better than our competitors', 'we only lost, because we don't have as much resources' as their own. Their spokes person who was representing them at the event, highlighted so greatly with pride in his eyes, that this is his way of thinking and sadly reflected these beliefs into the company. Publicly trashing and taunting the other company who's creator is in the same room is also not professional and made everybody roll their eyes. This is not healthy competition like he defended his behaviour afterwards, it is abuse and shows more fear than confidence. I do think there is enough room and beautiful faces in the world to TurBliss the and Vestige Verdant, because both companies make amazing organic peat masks, have totally different campaigns and roads ahead of them. I also do admire and have so much respect to the creator of TurBliss who in all of this stayed so professional, held her back straight and was above all of itTo sum this up I do want to believe this instance was only because they chose the wrong person to represent them, the company itself has their original positive attitude they had in the beginning of their road and they haven't forgot where they come from - the same place their competitors, little country Estonia that has enough peat for both of them. 

On the positive note, we also got exciting information that NYX Cosmetics will soon be in Estonia with its wide selection of affordable and colourful makeup. I also got to play with few products they had on their display and found myself drooling all over their blushes that were so tempting.

As I mentioned, we all walked away with heavy goodie bags provided by all the sponsors. I will get to testing everything and in the near future you will see many reviews, opinions and my talking, talking, talking about them. 

Teazy Teatox teas and Moshi hair oil are two things I got from the bag and have talked about before. My Teazy Teatox experience post can be seen in here. Good news is that now they have reduced their price range significantly and you can enjoy good tea cleanse even if your budget is smaller. It was not too long ago when I talked why I love Moshi's moisturising hair oil in here.