Móa Face Ritual

Starting with a clean slate where to apply your potent skincare doesn't have to be harsh or abrasive, getting your skin literally squea...

Starting with a clean slate where to apply your potent skincare doesn't have to be harsh or abrasive, getting your skin literally squeaky. As a matter in fact, it should be supportive, not acting against your skin, as gentle as possible when sloughing away that dead surface and assisting your natural protective mantle of your skin. All that can be achieved with a nicely picked out cleansing balm. The term itself sounds satisfying to me. A good cleansing balm feels like a much needed nectar for your face while cleansing and exfoliating the skin. It leaves no noticeable residue, but gives you velvety and soft to touch skin after rinsing off. You will get the most out of your cleansing ritual when you use your balm hand in hand with a good bamboo cloth and warm water.

And after the first experience you will think, why you didn't try this so basic yet effective cleansing ritual before. Why all these complex cleansing systems and products when a good natural product can do so much for your complexion? All that will be perfect to finish with a natural highly potent facial oil that can deeply penetrate your skin due to a good cleanse.

Móa Daily Cleansing Ritual has been delightful to my 'all over the place, because season is changing' skin. It hydrates, smears off any makeup, soothes senses and skin, cleanses even deepest impurities and calms down any irritation or redness. Giving yourself a short face massage while working the balm into the skin assists in better blood circulation and tones the skin in general. Soothing yarrow and tea tree will make sure the process is calming and aslo good for the senses. Bamboo cloth coming with it has nicest quality, it is thick, has two different sides and is gives amazingly gentle deep cleanse by getting rid of any dead skin and impurities. Velvety, balanced out, much more calmer and softer skin guaranteed!
But this green pot of balm has its secret powers. It isn't just a face cleanser, but so much more. It can be used as a multi-purpose healing balm for anything that may going on with your skin, from cold sores and scars to scratches or rashes. 

One of the newer additions in Móa Magic Organic Apothecary is their Aphrodite Facial Oil which is a special blend for radiant skin. This beautifying facial oil absorbs into the skin without leaving any trace behind. This would be a perfect starting oil who are afraid of the face oils being greasy or too much to handle.
Based on the rosehip oil, it fights any premature aging, smooths the texture of pores and lines. Rosehip oil is rich in fatty acids, vitamins A and C, so it will help to naturally assists in skin's regenerative process. Damask rose essential oil helps with imprefections, such a dryness, blemishes, redness, any sensitive areas. Organic yarrow essential oil helps with uneven skin tone and pigmentation. Rose geranium balances and cleanses, marshmallow extract soothes and calms the skin. All this blended together makes a powerful liquid you should apply few drops morning and evening. I find it so soothing to massage it evenly into my skin while breathing in comforting scents of natural oils. Must be my favourite step of my skincare!

While we all know skin care products can take little patience and time to see the results, this facial oil blew me away in a good way. Or was it the cleansing balm? Or these two together? Who knows! My skin feels visibly smoother and glowing within few weeks. I will continue using this little simple ritual during my mornings and evenings just to give it a chance to amaze me even more.