Honestly Outspoken Beauty

Another great Estonian company that creates amazingly pure and natural cosmetics - Moshi right in front of you. But not just 'every ot...

Another great Estonian company that creates amazingly pure and natural cosmetics - Moshi right in front of you. But not just 'every other' Estonian company, because Moshi is quite special. It draws attention, brings out emotions, is honestly outspoken yet really affordable. All the bottles of Moshi's products are carrying simple labels with different statements - you can easily find the one that goes by your heart the most or get yourself surprised by having the random one that will inspire you whenever you walk into your bathroom. Moshi states produly: we don't offer colourful pictures or synthetic ingredients. Too good to be true? Not at all!

I picked out two quite different products to write my first post about this sleek yet simple creator of natural beauty. One bottle holds dreamy goodness of softest body scrub and the other brings all the joy to the strands that are in need of a good moisture kick.
Sugary body scrub has been infused with wild mango and the scent of it feels just like walking under the mango trees. You can expect this scrub to nourish and deep condition your skin while gently sloughing off all the dead skin. Sea buckthorn oil along with sesame oil and olive oil, enriched with vitamins, will leave even the driest body silky smooth. Whenever I am using it, I like to take my time and rub it all over my body as long as sugar starts to melt and all the good oils get decent time to absorb into my skin.

Deeply nourishing hair oil ties together coconut oil, avocado oil, lavender and geranium - very simple, yet effective and without any unnecessary fillers that keep the actual goodness away from your hair shaft. This oil is slightly green in colour, due to deeply moisturising rich avocado oil and smells very relaxing due to essential oils of lavender and geranium. Dollop of added natural essential oils will also keep your scalp healthy and on its best behaviour! 

Usage of this hair oil is quite similar like you would do with any other hair treatment oils: you can use small amount as a leave-in hair serum on damp ends or you can distribute good amount of oil through the hair and scalp as a pre shampoo treatment. Leave it on for at least 10 minutes (2 forgetful hours in my case) and after washing it off, take your time to admire the softness of your strands. 

Bonus tip: use on dry hair as a serum, small amount rubbed between palms will tame away any frizziness or fly-aways. It will also keep your usually dry curls soft and smelling good.