Snacks With Power

very often delicious snacks aren't that good for your health. Foodpower mixed deliciousness with healthiness together and came up with...

very often delicious snacks aren't that good for your health. Foodpower mixed deliciousness with healthiness together and came up with variety of raw food snacks to anybody's taste. Everything they make is handmade, with quality ingredients and raw. Therefore it contains lots of powerful ingredients that haven't been processed and are ready to go into your body. As Foodpower's taste selection is wide I jumped right into it and tried many, many snacks in a period of time. Now I have picked out three of my favourites with desire to introduce them to you. One of these beautiful red glossy packages holds salty raw snacks and two reveal sweet berry snacks.

Being little bit doubtful at first I didn't expect any of these to be amazingly tasty or something I would eat regularly. Raw, having shortest ingredients list ever (garlic snacks contain flax seeds, cabbage, tomato, garlic, onions and natural seasoning) made me curious, but not sure if it would be something I would enjoy.

And I was certainly surprised! As I adore saltier snacks over the sweet ones I absolutely adore these Foodpower garlic snacks. They have just the right amount of taste and crunch to them, taste of garlic isn't overpowering and while eating you can absolutely forget it contains cabbage or flax seeds. It tastes like any good high quality chips if not even better. Meanwhile you can be confident as you know flax seeds along with other ingredients are healthy, good for metabolism and overall wellbeing. And dollop of garlic will keep those winter time colds and viruses away. Definitely worth having again!

On the sweeter note! I also had blackcurrant roll-ups and blueberry buttons - both seem very similar, yet very different when you taste or even look at them. Roll-ups contain only three ingredients: berries, banana and vanilla. Slight taste of banana kicks in at first, then you can feel the actual taste of berries in a soft texture of the melting fruit roll. It reminded me so much of a real blackcurrants and it was amazing to get the taste of it in your mouth in the middle of the winter. 

Buttons on the other hand would suit to the persons who like sweets, but don't want to eat unhealthy while enjoying sugary snacks. These are made of whipped egg whites and real berries along with unrefined sugar. Although it contains sugar, containing 50% of real berries taste didn't feel artificial or too sugary at all. Meringue-like texture gives you the feeling of a guilty pleasure, but after you have finished the package you have the strong aftertaste of berries in your mouth. 

If your daily food lacks of good fibre, vitamins, enzymes, minerals along with other powerful ingredients and you can't bring yourself to snacking on fruits or vegetables, these are definitely treats you can munch on without feeling bad or guilty.