Lushious Face

I find myself happily turning to Lush products when my skin doesn't cooperate as I would like to. Getting rid of that dull looking wint...

I find myself happily turning to Lush products when my skin doesn't cooperate as I would like to. Getting rid of that dull looking winter skin in the most gentle way was my goal when I opted for these two Lush skin items. Both of these do work amazingly on their own, but when using together, I feel like someone gave me new skin. Before going into detail of both of these, I highly recommend to replace your usual lathering face cleanser to the more creamy one... especially when it is colder outside and skin tends to get dehydrated. One simple step like this will make wonders with your whole skin regimen. 

Lush Aqua Marina Fresh Face Cleanser is rich in kaoline and calamine which will absorb any excess oils to give a clear complexion. Aloe vera will moisturise, Irish Moss seaweed will give the kick of restorative minerals and vitamins while finest grind of sea salt will gently exfoliate. Natural essential oils of sweet wild orange and patchouli give this gentle cleanser its unique scent and make it enjoyable to use. When I say the scent is unique, I mean you will love it or hate it as it is very different and herbal. To cleanse whole face you will need only pea-sized amount of product mixed with little bit of water. Smooth paste glides all over the skin very easily and soon your whole face will be milky light pink. I am usually giving myself little bit of time when working it into my skin as the calamine and kaoline are great facial ingredients. This allows your face to have a mini-facial while you are just cleansing it. Rinsing everything off is easier than you'd think and you'll be left with cleansed, hydrated, definitely brighter and more calm face that is ready to absorb any skincare you are currently using. 

Lush Don't Look At Me Fresh Face Mask is fairly new in their product collection. It is rich, has exfoliating texture that is filled with nurturing murumuru butter. Finely ground rice makes it smoothest exfoliant ever while brightening properties of lemon juice and Tunisian neroli in combination with organic tofu will treat the skin like the best 'does it all' facial. Grapefruit oil and rice syrup make this bright blue substance smelling delicious and you will always want more when have tried once. If you are afraid of the exfoliating and brightening claims and think this mask will be too harsh, you are wrong. It is working extremely gently on the skin, you haven't felt one single tingle or discomfort while sometimes allowing it to sit on my skin way too long. Creamy blue paste glides on like a butter while exfoliating particles are so fine you get all the dull skin without any harsh scrubbing. Zesty lemon juice in it will feel like a hydrating tonic for your thirsty skin, allowing you to have brighter, more even skin with smooth texture. All this after you have enjoyed the uplifting experience of having bright blue face for 10-15 minutes (or slightly more in most of my cases). 

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