My Daily Face

While I definitely don't wear makeup every single day and usually give my face a break on weekends, I still have developed my favourite...

While I definitely don't wear makeup every single day and usually give my face a break on weekends, I still have developed my favourites to reach for most of the times. Advantage of using something you love is the fact that you know how it works and therefore allows you to be fast in the mornings. My selection is quite basic, but still enhancing while mainly focusing on glowing skin, natural eyes. In my opinion makeup should give, not take away from the face and these staples most certainly have been doing it every day for me.

Foundation has to be hydrating, glowing and as good as possible when it comes to ingredients. I have chosen Living Nature Soft Lights Illuminating Foundation to play apart in my routine. My shade is 'Day Glow' that is medium tone with slight illuminating touch to it. It hydrates amazingly and contains only natural oils, minerals and Manuka Honey to take care of the skin while giving it healthy glow. Concealer comes from the same family as foundation, it is Living Nature Concealer in 'Light'. Provides great coverage while not masking or suffocating the skin, contains minerals, antibacterial Manuka Honey and is suitable for gentle under-eye area. I also use Gressa Minimalist Illuminating Serum as my highlighter. This product is my absolute favourite as it lights up even the most tired face while taking care of it and looking naturally luminous.

To add little bit of colour to face I grab for The Body Shop Honey Bronze Bronzing Powder in the lightest shade available. It has been my favourite for years now and you can't blame me, this one gives natural and warm complexion with minimal effort. Blush wise I have been using Bourjois Cream Blush in '01 Nude Velvet'. Its cream to powder formula doesn't necessarily require a brush to get polished and even application. As the matter of fact, I find it easier to use with clean fingers and put the warmth of your body to work when it comes to blending. Creamy in the pot, but once blended and set on skin it will be matte... this ensures great staying power without gliding off throughout the day. 

Everyday eyeshadow has to be simple for me. I rarely like to take time and blend different shadows together, not to mention to take eyeshadow brush into my hands. So cream shadow is the only right way to go. These three natural nude eyeshadows are Maybelline Colour Tattoo Cream Eyeshadows. Two of these, 'Creamy Beige' and 'CrĂ©me de Rose' are from Creamy Mattes collection,  and one, 'On and On Bronze' is from regular collection. All of these are perfectly easy to apply on their own or tied together. End result will be natural, put together and light on eyes as you don't need a primer or ton of product on your lids. Mascara I randomly bought when I was out of it, but started to adore is Maybelline Lash Sensational. The rubbery brush is curved and has many differently placed bristles that make lashes effortlessly phenomenal. I won't be overstating when I say it is easily one of the best mascaras I have used for a while. Great formula, length, volume, non clumping and easy to use! Lumene Blueberry Eyebrow Pencil in '02 Grey Brown' is the product I mainly bought because of its shade. This light greyish brown without red undertones suits perfectly to me. And I have to say when the shade is right, your brows won't need much work at all. There will be no extra blending or polishing required! Few strokes to fill in and just a quick brush through is all I need when using this (by the way, the brush in the end of it is useless).

As you can see I prefer lip glosses in my daily makeup. L'oreal Infallible Mega Gloss in '102 Scream and Shout' is peachy nude shade just the way I like it. Lip gloss itself deliver medium opaque colour with the lip balm like texture, no stickiness at all. While it doesn't stay as long as lip stains it wears off evenly and its softness makes it perfect product to apply over and over again like you would do with regular lip balm. Applicator that is shaped after lips makes it amazingly comfortable and easy to do. When I am feeling fierce or more adventurous I opt for darker wine/berry red on my lips. For more opaque look I line and fill in my lips with Senna Cosmetics Smooth Lips Lip Liner in 'Crimson' that is matte but soft on lips at the same time. It may end in here, but for juicier finish I might add Max Factor Colour Elixir Lip Gloss in '65 Lustrous Plum', dark red berry shade, which on its own gives sheer 'drank just red wine' balmy sheen to the lips and on top of lip liner will keep lips soft and glossy without the heavy burden.