The Body Shop Blue Corn Mask

I will start out by saying that this mask isn't something I would recommend to people with sensitive skin. If you have, but still want ...

I will start out by saying that this mask isn't something I would recommend to people with sensitive skin. If you have, but still want to be rebel, maybe try it as a spot treatment. In that way I can imagine it working perfectly for you. 

First of all I didn't know much about this mask when I got it. I just decided to get it when local The Body Shop had huge sale going on and as I like to have many options when doing face masks, I had to get this new member of my face mask stash. So I chose The Body Shop Blue Corn 3in1 Deep Cleansing Mask and hoped for the best. What is it about this mask then? It promises to cleanse, exfoliate and purify deeply. While removing extra dirt, dead skin cells and impurities it also moisturises and promises to leave skin soft afterwards. It has tiniest particles of blue corn to exfoliate, kaolin clay to purify and essentials oils to treat the skin. 

I can honestly say it does all that and even more! I use it as a weekly treatment as The Body Shop suggests. I couldn't imagine doing it more often, as oh boy, it is strong! As it is thick, you won't need much so plus to the fact it will last long. At first when rubbing it gently into the clean skin, you won't notice much... other than pleasant scent of essential oils and the finest gentle particles that exfoliate. Give it few seconds and it will start to tingle on the more sensitive areas of your face. For me it was around my mouth and nose, but the sensation didn't last long and wasn't unbearable at all. It is rather satisfying and gives the feeling that mask works. And it does work! 

Now, you would think that such a strong good working mask will dry the skin out. Vice versa! Somehow the skin feels so comfortable and normal after washing it off (while giving your face gentle scrub in a circular motion) and the feeling like your skin can breathe again is something you will get used to when using it regularly.

As I said at the beginning, don't use it all over your face when your skin tends to get sensitive, is overly dry or you are just not sure. It definitely has antiseptic properties and ability to get rid of any spot fast, you can use it as a spot treatment you leave on for 10-15 minutes. Any trouble you had on your face the day before will be minimal in the morning, because you use this mask in the evening. Give it a try!

  1. Thanks for this review! I saw this in my local The Body Shop store a while back and wondered what on earth is blue corn and how does this work :D ..but I sticked with the teatree mask cause I've used it many times before and nothing bad happened to my skin. But I gotta admit that I wish the teatree one would be more effective (have you tried that one?) - it sounds like this blue corn one is one step stronger stuff compared to that! Tbh it kinda sounds too good to be true :D I have a very sensitive skin, but I guess I should give it a try as a spot treatment.

    -Rora Sweetimpatience | Lifestyle & Beauty blog

    1. Hello, Rora! Of course I am only telling my personal experience with it and as far as that goes it is pretty amazing mask. Maybe it won't do nothing bad with your sensitive skin, but I just don't want anybody to burn their face off and had to state it. Just experiment with it and hopefully you will like it too!

  2. Sounds interesting - I really like masks with scrub effects :D And probably first time I heard about blue corn...