Smooth, Smoother, Smoothest!

Want the smoothest softest skin in a natural way? Tune in! I am going to talk about the perfect combo that your skin will love and you will...

Want the smoothest softest skin in a natural way? Tune in! I am going to talk about the perfect combo that your skin will love and you will adore. JOIK surprised its fans with many new products and two of them are meant for the skin of our bodies, the area we often neglect when it comes to taking proper care of it. What can be the best way to encourage us to pamper ourselves more, than making body products that are natural, smell like desserts you are constantly thinking of and at the same time work better than you expected? 

JOIK Lemon & Vanilla Body Scrub with perfect combination of sugar, seasalt and sea-buckthorn oil will exfoliate gently to give your body new breathing by removing every bit of dirt and dead skin cells. It prepares your body perfectly for any other further treatment you might want to put on your body. It might be self tanner or smoothing body cream... or nothing at all, because shea and coconut butters moisturise while sea-buckthorn oil rich in vitamins renews and olive oil nurtures the skin. This cocktail with buttery texture is grainy enough to slough your old skin off while gliding smoothly on skin. Mixture of lemon and vanilla will  give you positive thoughts and when rinsing off even the driest skin won't cry a river in its usual dryness. 

JOIK Skin Firming Anti-Cellulite Body Lotion with caffeine and herbal extracts can be, but won't have be the next step in achieving the smoothest skin. When I first started digging into this cream I didn't care for its anti-cellulite properties, because I was rather excited for the caffeine in it. While body scrubs containing coffee are pretty common, an actual body cream containing real coffee extracts got me, total coffee addict, jumping in happiness. And it didn't disappoint me! It smells like heaven, quite strong yet very pleasant. Hints of coffee are barely noticeable, but there! More present bitter orange, accompanied by rosemary, seaweed and ivy extracts, gives this lotion very luxurious and warm comforting scent while also accelerating skin's natural metabolism. Coffee bean extracts stimulate the blood flow while correcting any bumps and puffiness of the skin. Safflower, hempseed and babassu oils play the important part of moisturising, protecting and keeping skin ever so soft. 

The texture of this lotion is lighter and more on the 'lotion' side. Hence the name! This makes it perfect body moisturiser on summer months when less is more. Even though this product sinks  in without any effort required, the tiniest amount of it will make the skin smooth and moisturised while uplifting your mind and body with the lingering rich blend of natural aromas.

  1. These products sound amazing!!! I really want to try the anti-cellulite lotion. Thanks for the review. :)