Trio That Saved My Hair

Recently I got blonde again and therefore needed to opt for much more repairing and reconstructive hair care in order to keep it healthy. B...

Recently I got blonde again and therefore needed to opt for much more repairing and reconstructive hair care in order to keep it healthy. Blonde or not, my hair is naturally very thick and dry, so it has always been challenging to find good hair care that doesn't cost the fortune. When I discovered D.Vinity by Carobels Cosmetics I was blown away. They have thought about every hair problem you might have and they do it professionally, delivering salon quality hair care with a reasonable price.
Since I wanted to pamper my hair back to life, I started using three products from D.Vinity Violet Moon line that has been developed to repair and reconstruct damaged and dry hair. 

I wash regularly my hair with D.Vinity Violet Moon Repair Shampoo that is definitely one of the creamiest shampoos I have tried. It lathers very gently, yet manages to get hair clean while also leaving it smooth and hydrated. When you thought shampoo doesn't matter as long as you use great hair treatment, this one shuts you down. It is like a cleanser and nourishing treatment in one bottle. Full of vitamins, lipids,  proteins, Argan and Palm oils its makes sure your hair wont't be stripped or damaged even more and prepares it to the further pampering you get when applying the mask.

D.Vinity Violet Moon Repair Mask is something that will make you hate your usual conditioner. Being is creamy, but not too thick, it replaces your weak conditioner that just doesn't cut it. Using few minutes in the shower as a conditioner or leaving on longer as a treatment, it strengthens, nourishes deeply and smooths down the hair follicle like nobody's business. The process of applying this yoghurt-like mask is like rubbing freshly cut melon extracts into your locks. Yes, the whole line smells like a fresh melon to me! Not the fake artificial way, but really true to life melons. Again, it contains fatty acids from Amazon fruits, lipids, vitamins A, B and C, proteins, Argan and Palm oil to ensure your hair will be treated nicely.

To make everything even better, I rub D.Vinity Violet Moon Argan Elixir into my hair as a hair serum, frizz eraser, leave-in treatment or hair oil. It does it all! This miracle cocktail that smells like summery melon, won't be greasy or sticky. It glides through your strands like a silk and provides the quickest results by taming any frizz, unruly hair, dry ends while also making hair shiny and smooth. You can apply it into damp hair, but it gives the best and most noticeable results on dry hair. 

The experience of using D.Vinity will make me most definitely hungry for their products. The way you get the haircare products, that usually are available only at salons,  in the most convenient way by just ordering them with a reasonable price makes it even more official.

  1. Hi, Maris! Well, this post came just in time! In two months I'm going to Tallinn and I'm soo looking forward to stock up on Estonian goodies. Where can I get those in retail? My hair and scalp have been misbehaving since forever, I desperately need something really nourishing and calming to make them look nicer and healthier

    1. Hey! They do have studio/shop in Tartu, but not in Tallinn. I suggest you T.Vinity for sensitive scalp and hair. It can do wonders for you! The best option for you is to order from them couple of days before you head to Tallinn and choose SmartPOST option for the shipping. You can choose the closest SmartPOST that usually can be found in the biggest shopping centres etc. Easy as using ATM :)

    2. Wow, this is useful! Thank you! xox

  2. Olen seda sama sarja tundlikule peanahale ja juustele proovinud. Avastasin Buduaari turult, kuid ei teadnud, et neid ka tellida saab.