Turbliss Bioactive Peat Facial

Peat has been a natural resource when heating or growing plants! Now it is doing its star flight in the cosmetic industries. That means, pe...

Peat has been a natural resource when heating or growing plants! Now it is doing its star flight in the cosmetic industries. That means, peat in a facial care has gotten so popular in here. This powerful ingredient of organic bioactive face masks combats all the skincare problems you may struggle with. So, there are many new ones on the market containing our country's organic peat, one thing that has always been a part of our bogs. TurBliss is the company that has made its leap into cosmetic industry so fast, as it already won the local women's magazine award as being ultimate beauty favourite. 
The phenomena of this company isn't only the unique, sleek and creative packaging that describes the Estonian nature so well, but also the fact that it offers the widest peat cosmetics I have seen so far. You can opt for different face, body and hair masks, that have infused with organic plant waters to take care of your personal needs.

My bathroom cupboard has two face masks that take care of my skin hand in hand, keeping it pure, glowing and healthy. Both are incredible in their own special way!

TurBliss Bioactive Face Mask for Problem Skin

My routine is pretty simple. Whenever my skin is acting up and needs deeper purifying, I grab for the mask meant for problem skin. It has been infused with geranium, witch hazel and chamomile to soothe and purify. After keeping mask on for about 10 minutes and washing it off in a gentle circular motion to ensure deep exfoliation and cleansing, your face feels like you just got an expensive facial. You skin will have a natural glow, it will look healthier, pores appear smaller, tighter and any problem areas you might have will soon be history!

TurBliss Firming and Toning Bioactive Face Mask

Whenever my skin is dull and drier, but not necessarily outbreaking, I slather the firming and toning mask on for about 10 minutes. It contains rose and melissa that calm, soothe and tone the skin while fulvic and humic acids in organic peat take care of skin's texture and cell renewal process. It feels more gentle than the mask for problem skin and is lighter in its texture. While it isn't targeted as a mask for problem skin, it is still exfoliating and deep cleansing, but has milder plant wanters to tone and firm your skin while cleansing.

Overall I couldn't imagine my skincare routine without these two anymore. They last long, make up the work of the different face masks I have hoarded into my bathroom cabinet before these came into my life. Whether you need your face mask to beat the pores, breakouts or signs of aging, TurBliss masks will definitely impress you within one use!

  1. Need lisandid Turblissi turbamaskides tekitasid minus nüüd huvi, olen siiamaani proovinud ainult puhtal kujul Vestige Verdant ja Lehto Peat maski :)