My Current Beauty Favourites #3

A lot has changed since my last 'favourites' post. While preferences change, seasons change, products also have to keep up with it ...

A lot has changed since my last 'favourites' post. While preferences change, seasons change, products also have to keep up with it and the new selection I reach for the most had to happen. Without further ado, here it is. Mostly skincare, little bit of makeup, haircare and something else.

Vestige Verdant Rare Oil Blend is the new product from the company that blew everybody's minds with their organic bioactive mask I talked about in here. Now they have stepped up their game again and came out with the luxurious organic face oil blend that combats so many skincare issues while giving the softness of cashmere. 

Rose Mira Spring Flowers Calming Toner contains floral hydrosols of orange blossom, lemon verbena, essential oils of linden blossom and rose damascene that together make this toner sweetly scented nectar for every skin type. It calms the skin right after washing while preparing it for the next step of moisturising. As much I live the calming scent I also admire how it keeps my skin less oily, balanced and comfortable.

Earthbody Control Facial Mosituriser is another facial oil blend I am keen on. It smells like a warm cosy winter evening or gingerbread cookies with hot cup of tea. It makes you feel calm and focused while taking care of any pimples, breakouts, spots and irritations. Truly luxurious and unique, it contains essential oils of clove, amber, sandalwood, tangerine and frangipani that make your complexion radiant and clear. Must-have when dealing with acne or occasional break outs!

Mádara Brightening AHA Peel Mask is one of the two face masks this wonder company recently let out. Why wonder company? There is not one product I have tried by them that I don't love. They make their products so carefully while keeping in mind the skin of European skin and using the ingredients from European nature. Peel mask is a white liquid gel that exfoliates skin throughout without any particles or scrubbing needed. It leaves skin so smoothly silky while polishing pores smaller than you remembered them to be.

Placent Activ Reinforzing Hair Treatment is a liquid placenta that come in set of ampules. One shot of it should be massaged into scalp and hair every other day after washing it. It is mainly meant for supporting the growth of hair while making it stronger. As it is quite watery, it doesn't make hair visibly stronger right away. As a matter of fact, you won't feel like you put something in your hair at all. But these do hide long term benefits in them! I noticed little baby hair coming in within few weeks and I am definitely will continue using them, in order to post full review.

KOMONO Magnus Black Black Watch has served me so well and day by day I love it more and more. As I discovered after getting it, this is meant to be for men, but still it is perfect. In its black sleekness and big dial it goes with every outfit and occasion while showing you the right time in big easy to watch numbers. Brushed matte metal case and black leather wrist band make the unique perfect mix that is comfortable to wear.

Lucy's Lotions Vitamin E & Grapefruit Lip Balm is a lip potion to soothe, moisturise and heal dry lips. Or to keep them in condition! Its fresh zesty grapefruit scent makes it refreshing to use while its natural butters and oils do hard work taking care of your pout. As it comes in a bigger tin, I use it mostly at home and I don't have to go into my stash I keep in my purse.

Serge Lutens Un Bois Vanille is a perfume full of warmth and cosiness. This mellow scent is something to wear when feeling under the weather or stressed out. It lights you up immediately! If you think it is just 'another sweet scent' out there, you are underestimating it. In its vanilla bean sweetness there is also a good amount of wintery woody spiciness hiding in it.

LiLash Puryfyied Eyelash Serum is the new old fellow I used to love and started using again. It made life so easy and allowed me to skip mascara or the whole makeup routine at times. You can't imagine what a big difference great pair of natural lashes do until you have one. This is the serum that gives extreme results!

Lumene Raspberry Miracle Mascara is the one I got just because I needed a mascara and had no clue which one to get. While mascaras doesn't last long, they are great products to alternate with. This one surprised me from the day one. It has a nice thick full brush along with black fibre consistency that makes lashes full and long. It won't smudge or transfer during the day and has conditioning arctic raspberry extracts in it.

Lucy Minerals Bronzer 'Sunny Bronze' is mineral bronzer so fine it gives the most natural bronzed complexion or warmly contoured cheeks. Its light warm brown tone and subtle sheen applies as a natural glow, yet it is greatly pigmented so little bit goes very long way. When worn as an eye shadow, it defines the lids and gives the warm natural bisquity look.

  1. Ma ei kujuta oma parfüümilauda ette ilma Lutensi Una Bois Vanilla parfüümita. Kasutan seda pisut iga päev ja miksin teiste parfüümidega. See on juba sama elementaarne kui panna hommikul pesu selga :)

  2. I got so curious about eyelash serum! Where did u get this? Is it full organic or not?

    1. It is not organic. Click on the link and you will get on their website.