Creamiest Hair Products For Winter

Whenever the temperature hits the low, my hair gets even drier than it does during the summer. This only means, it is time for some heavy d...

Whenever the temperature hits the low, my hair gets even drier than it does during the summer. This only means, it is time for some heavy duty hair care that will be creamy, thick and super moisturising. I knew about Dove haircare before these one, I loved their deodorants and creamy shower gels, but never ever I had used their hair products. My loss, as rumour has it, many hairdressers have chosen Dove hair products for their personal use. 

Over a month ago I got my hands on Dove Hair Therapy Nourishing Oil Care.  These are shampoo, conditioner and hair mask - everything you could need for a proper haircare routine, minus the hair oils/serums I need to use on damp hair in order to survive and get my mane somewhat normal. Don't panic though, I have heard that there is a leave-in spray conditioner from the same line and a lot of beauty bloggers seem to love it. 

As you may have seen, I have been loving totally natural products when it comes to my hair care. I can't put my finger on it, but odd things happen to my preferences as long as hair products go.  I always change up, but when quite fast tend to know whether I love the products or not. Sometimes the natural stuff is the best, sometimes I almost feel, my hair cries for silicones, to stay in put an silky.  To be exact, there is nothing wrong using silicones in your hair, as long as you deep cleanse your hair and scalp regularly at least once a month. Silicone free or silicone based, when haircare is good, it is good!

Winter time is definitely the time, my hair needs something more than natural haircare could offer. It gets frizzy, soaks up every single drop of moisture from the environment and I am left with huge pile of messy knots. This leads to me grabbing straightening iron, but as I want to avoid putting unnecessary heat to my hair, it is something I rarely do and tend to avoid.
This set of three creamiest hair products by Dove have saved my hair since I started using them. As long as consistency goes, they are creamy, thick and smell quite strongly when using. As you wash everything out, the scent will be gone so it isn't something overpowering at all. Dove is known for creating products with nurturing creams in it and if I had to say just three words about these products, the words would be 'creamy, creamy, creamy'. 

Shampoo is thicker and heavier than you would expect from shampoo to be. Despite that, it cleanses well, lathers up fast, leaves your scalp and hair so wonderfully clean. Have you heard the statement that you shouldn't actively wash your ends? I do it with confident when it comes to this shampoo, because I feel, it also moisturises while cleansing. 

Conditioner is the one I use always when it is not the time for the weekly mask. It isn't as thick as a mask, but comes out like a  creamy lotion. Creaminess of it stays into hair even when you use hot water to rinse everything out (I know, it is bad for your hair, but I can't help myself). Again, smells wonderful, but scent won't linger with you for a long time and that is good in my book.

Mask is a weekly thing for me. This has to be the most favourite one from all three. It is thick like a butter and you only need littlest amount to cover your whole hair. It kicks in quite fast, so you don't have to be bored at the shower when waiting your hair mask to work its magic. This one works magic within minutes! You won't feel the need for an additional hair serum or oil afterwards, the comb will go through your strands like a dream and your hair will be smooth, soft and tangle free for days. When you are in doubt or are not sure which ones to choose, get this mask! You will be amazed and next time you will get the whole line.