Mádara Nourish & Repair Haircare

I have been in love with Mádara Cosmetics product before, but so far I had used only skincare items. I wasn't surprised when I didn...

I have been in love with Mádara Cosmetics product before, but so far I had used only skincare items. I wasn't surprised when I didn't like this haircare duo at first, because I am pretty picky with my haircare. Don't get me wrong, I want to be conciliatory, but my hair just doesn't get the fact that they are just hair. I swear they have their own mind and character. Luckily disliking didn't last long at all, maybe one or two washes. Now I feel I need these two in my life at all times! Why? Read along!

These are Mádara shampoo and conditioner from their Nourish and Repair haircare line. They are meant to nourish hair and prevent breakage in a longer period. Not to mention, they are both organic and have the Ecocert label that proves their goodness to you. 

Lets start with the first impression! I like the bottles, that are simple yet very sleek and luxurious. The whole Mádara line should get some kind of award for their packaging. Both, shampoo and conditioner, smell very natural and herbal, but in a good way. The scent isn't overpowering and as it is mild, you won't even notice it after couple of uses. Yet it is therapeutic and comforting even on the most sensitive scalp and hair. First couple of uses weren't necessarily bad, but kept me rather neutral. These two didn't do much for my hair and afterwards I needed more hair serum than usually. But as I was aware they are totally natural products and my hair needs to adjust to them, I kept using them.

It was probably third washing and conditioning with them when I was so impressed afterwards. My hair was shiny, clean and moisturised at the same time. While the shampoo lathers, it doesn't lather up like crazy sulfate shampoos do. Decent amount of lather cleans perfectly while you can actually feel the creamy texture of the shampoo. Shampoo definitely is the first step of putting good moisture back to your hair while removing all the dirt. Therefore the conditioner isn't very rich. It is has milky lotion type texture that feels quite concentrated. I only needed very little to cover my hair and especially ends of my hair. Conditioner is amazingly easy to wash out and leaves hair so manageable, soft, silky and smooth. 

I can imagine these products can be perfect to any hair texture, fine or coarse, as it won't weigh hair down or make it flat like some moisturising products tend to do. As these are 12 EUR as piece, it can be little splurge when you are used to use a drugstore haircare. But all in all, it is a investment that is so worth the money when considering how much you will get out of these due to their concentration and how great they perform on your strands.