Buy Or Bye? Bioderma Micellar Solutions

I bet everyone who has been in contact with makeup and skincare has at one point heard or even tried Bioderma micellar water. It has the &#...

I bet everyone who has been in contact with makeup and skincare has at one point heard or even tried Bioderma micellar water. It has the 'holy grail' and 'cult product' status and I have always wondered if it really does live up to it. When I got more into it, I discovered there is not only one Bioderma cleansing water available, but one for every skin type. Of course, the pink one, which is orginally meant for sensitive skin type and called Bioderma Sensibio H20, is the most famous one of them. The other one is comes in a bottle with neon green cap and the solution itself is light blue. It should be perfect for oilier problematic skins and carries a name Bioderma Sébium H20. Long story short, I put both of them into a test to see if they really are so good as many people, mostly makeup artists, claim them to be.

Bioderma Sébium H20

Starting with the Sébium H20 which isn't marketed as a makeup removing solution, but rather as a toner or solution to deeply cleanse your skin if you are prone to breakouts, have oily or combination skin. While my skin is combination, but also tends to get dry, I used it as a toner whenever I felt my skin was breaking out. It doesn't remove makeup as well as the other one, so don't even bother with that. But I have to admit, it is a great in balancing skin out, preparing skin for moisturiser and cleansing it even if you thought it is already clean. It won't dry skin out, should normalise the quality of sebum and regulate the skin. In my opinion, it isn't something that will make all your oiliness and spots be gone in a day. Which is understandable, because this solution is mild, caring and non-drying. When you have a feeling, you will get a breakout soon, it helps a lot. Preventing is the key with this one!

Scent wise it is pretty neutral and I didn't notice anything when it comes to it. It should be used with a cotton pad and as it has active ingredients in it, you can feel slight residue on the skin afterwards. This won't clog pores, make your skin irritated or uncomfortable, but rather treats the skin problems. If you don't just have few breakouts here an there, but oily skin is a constant struggle for you, I bet your skin would benefit from it more than mine did (read: you will see actual results).

Bioderma Sensibio H20

The pink one, Sensibio H20 is a bit of a multitasking product when it comes to its purposes. It should remove makeup around eyes and from face, it cleanses any traces of water and cleansers, balances skin and makes it fresh. Its makeup removing powers are amazing, it manages even waterproof mascara without any struggle. At the same time being so gentle and almost without a scent, is quite odd and weird. While I don't use it for my makeup removing process, I love it as my toner after washing my face and before applying skincare products. It feels extremely comforting and healthy to skin and the most of all I adore that there will be zero residue on skin afterwards. You will be amazed how dirty your cotton pad will be, even if you just double cleansed your skin in the sink.

Even though I don't have sensitive skin, my skin still loves this and I definitely prefer it to the Sébium H20. Why? I value the 'no residue' effect, the fact it calms down my skin (winter will be the time of irritations) and when comparing the two, this one feels more like water to me. Definite repurchase if you ask me and probably in a bigger size!