Natural Beauty From A Local Fair

Few weeks ago I visited a local fall fair where there was everything from food to clothes and of course, natural handmade cosmetics. This i...

Few weeks ago I visited a local fall fair where there was everything from food to clothes and of course, natural handmade cosmetics. This is usually the reason I go into these fairs, so many great and natural brands have come out in Estonia and started their brand by selling the products at the fairs. I have noticed many ones as long as cosmetic products go, but Looduse Pärl (means Nature's Pearl in Estonian) was the one that was unknown for me.

They offered a wide selection of products that included body oils, soaps, body scrubs, face creams, hair products etc. The lady gave me to smell every single body scrub and they all were absolutely delicious. Not to mention the pureness that makes them good enough to eat, I most definitely had a slight urge to taste them. As I was sure I will get the hair serum, I had to think for a minute in order to decide which scrub comes home with me. Decision was hard, because all of them were tempting. 

I finally opted for the Strawberry Sugar Scrub With Poppy Seeds and I am more than happy with it. Perfect hair product in addition to the scrub was a Hair Serum With Macadamia & Argan Oil. Both completely handmade, pure, natural, affordable and even if it is not recommended to eat them, they are pure enough to eat. What can be better?

The hair serum comes in high quality pump bottle and holds good 50ml of the product. Serum is a oil based mixture of sweet almond oil, macadamia oil, jojoba oil, argan oil, lemongrass and ylang-ylang.
It is smoothing, healing and softening while also adding much needed moisture to colour treated or dry hair. It adds a natural protection against UV rays and as a bonus gives a perfect fresh zesty scent to the strands. I have so many hair serums and oils as I go through them like crazy. My hair couldn't handle being without additional moisture, may it be a serum or oil. I must admit, I have learned to love not so natural hair serums as they do more to my hair. I know, in this case it is probably superficial as the silicones in synthetic serums create the illusion of healthier hair, but oh well.

This serum changed the game for me! It is like heaven and I have already used good quarter of it and continue until I see the end of it. And then probably order some more. It has the perfect balance of different oils and therefore won't make your hair greasy or flat, but nourishes them into the silky perfection. I add few pumps into damp hair and then let it air dry and it is guaranteed that I won't see any frizz in my hair afterwards. When my hair is dry I add a pump or two to my ends and will rock soft incredibly great smelling hair. Good tip! I usually end up putting more into my palms, so I can rub the extra into my hands and get them perfectly moisturised good smelling.

Strawberry Sugar Scrub comes in a fancy jar you can most definitely reuse after you have finished with it. Hint! Make your own body scrub into it afterwards. As said, it contains sugar that is perfect for dry skin or at times when skin gets drier, fall and winter. It also has red clay that has many minerals to tone and rejuvenate skin while vitamins A, C and E will even out the skin tone and poppy seeds help to get rid of dead skin cells. Strawberry powder has a lot of detoxifying benefits while repairing free radical skin damage, olive oil nourishes and protects skin from further damage.

From the look of it you can imagine how it smells. It smells like freshly picked strawberries! Not only makes it uplifting, but you will definitely be more persistent with your weekly exfoliation as this makes the whole experience so much more joyful. Skin will be soft, smooth and nourished as it is the softest scrub I have tried. Definitely will get some more if I run out, but then I will try the other three they carry: mandarin, grapefruit and chocolate and mint. Yes, chocolate and mint! Can it get better?

I am truly happy I discovered this small company and got few things to try from them. They do deserve so much more exposure as their products seem to be hands down, better than some of the other, more famous, natural brands in Estonia sell. I am also surprised how great the quality is as their prices isn't that high at all. I was little bit disappointed in local handmade natural cosmetics companies, because many of them have become too vain and expensive as soon as they get little more popularity, but this company definitely is a nice refreshing find that gave my hope back.

  1. lovely review! makes me want to explore some of their products, too :)

  2. I would love to try the sugar scrub.