Circaroma Balancing Skincare

I have talked about Circaroma before, but never ever I have tried their balancing skin care range. Circaroma makes a wide range of organic...

I have talked about Circaroma before, but never ever I have tried their balancing skin care range. Circaroma makes a wide range of organic skin care products, formulated for every skin type and many of their products are award winners. Their balancing range has been created to bring equilibrium to skin. It is especially great for normal to oily skin types and you can pick out everything to cleanse, tone, exfoliate, moisturise, replenish.

All Circaroma's products come in sleek high quality glass bottles and jars. Balancing line has been decorated with light blue labels that makes it easy to distinguish the right ones for you between the whole assortment of products. 

Balancing Facial Cleanser Palmarosa & Orange Zest comes in a pump bottle that holds 100ml of a light creamy cleanser in it. It smells very comforting, yet has the uplifting zesty scent to it. Lotion has a rejuvenating palmarosa and cooling orange zest that work together with hydrating rose water, moisturising jojoba and coconut oil. All that to give deep cleansed and purified skin that feel comfortable and soft. 
While creamier cleansers can put some people off, you should reconsider. As you have read before, I have been totally blown away by the cream cleansers. They do get deep into pores and natural oils dissolve any dirt, grime and even blocked pores. You won't be greasy afterwards, but are left with hydrated and smooth surface. This cleanser will keep your oil glands at bay and your skin won't overproduce the oil anymore. In turn, you will have less breakouts and irritations on your skin!

Replenishing Facial Mask Rose Flower & Lemon Zest is purifying mask based on kaolin and bentonite  clays that will deep cleanse skin while also taking care of it. While clay cleanses, the blend of deeply fragrant rose flower and toning lemon zest combined with soothing almond and jojoba oils will nourish and put all the goodness right back into your skin. When you first apply this mask, you can feel the creamy texture that comforts your skin immediately. It won't sting or pull your skin like some clays do. As it dries, the mask will mostly sink into your skin and you are left with light layer of clay on your skin that isn't dried out at all. It is easy to remove and you can feel how your skin can actually breathe afterwards. This mask would be a perfect step in your skin care regimen during the colder months as it not only draws impurities, but also balances, keeps it healthy and radiant. Gentle enough to use daily, but powerful enough to see the results within one use!

  1. Ma tahan ka proovida! Maskid on minu teema. See mõnus rituaal vannitoas, kus keegi ei sega, saab olla oma maskiga kaheksi ja lihtsalt lasta peast kõik mõtted vabalt vannituppa ringi jooksma.