Teazy Teatox Experience

Have you noticed how many detoxing teas there are on the market? When you read a blog or two or follow some bloggers on Instagram you proba...

Have you noticed how many detoxing teas there are on the market? When you read a blog or two or follow some bloggers on Instagram you probably have seen some kind of teas being published, that all in all promise to cleanse your body. A lot of them won't feel natural enough to actually cleanse your body in a pure way. How can you do good for your system if you are soaking teabags that have been bleached in your tea cup? Yes, bags are easier, but loose tea gives you whole another tea experience. Teazy have come up with 14-day and 28-day detoxing systems and they actually call it 'teatox'. Here are my views on their two week regimen in order to cleanse your body and maybe soul too.

The 14-day teatox comes with two separate boxes. One of them is aluminum tin box that holds loose morning tea and other one is a sleek yet simple cardboard box that holds the night-time tea. These two should work together and complete each other. The promise list of these these are quite long. Teas not only promise to taste pleasant, but also to shake your body in a good way. You should feel more alive, have more energy, sleep better, have faster metabolism, feel less hungry and have a cleansed fresh body. That may or may not be the perfect start to start eating clean and exercising. It is up to you!

Daytime Detox

As mentioned, one tea for morning and other for the night. This loose Daytime Detox is the morning tea and it looks visually absolutely beautiful. It has every colour in it, starting from yellow, green and finishing with the red bits. You need a strainer when doing this tea, but you can always be lazy and wait your tea to set before drinking. 
Ingredients wise, it is pretty rich and something for even the neediest tea drinker. It contains mate tea, ginger root, ceylon cinnamon, fennel, vervain, aloe, nettle, red currant leaves, peppermint leaves and ginseng. This concoction has vitamins, minerals, a lot of ingredients to cleanse your body from toxins, boost metabolism and immune system, protect nervous system and give you energy in a natural way. 

While I am a true coffee lover I didn't gave up my morning coffee, but this tea still had a solid place in my day. I usually drank it around the afternoon when I felt I needed another caffeine fix to carry on. This tea tastes amazing and I can imagine it being great option instead a morning coffee. It didn't give unnatural and immediate energy boost, rather much needed strength. It didn't upset the stomach, but at the same time you could feel your metabolism being a lot faster. In few days of drinking this tea many usual cravings, especially the unhealthy ones, will be gone. I associate this with getting the much needed nutrients and minerals from the tea and therefore my body is more satisfied. Unfortunately cravings will come back when you stop drinking the tea, but that is normal, because we are human. I am also pretty sure that this tea helped with my skin clearing up. Because of this I have been foundation free more than usual.

Bedtime Cleanse

Bedtime Cleanse is the tea for the evening. It is just the right tea to have before going to bed. As it is pretty powerful, you will get seven bags in the 14-day teatox. So every other night is the proper way to consume it. As you can see the bedtime tea comes in little handmade bag that won't affect the taste or quality of the tea. These bags were put together so nicely I was actually sad to use them up. Like loose tea, it contains more than couple of ingredients and all these pure herbs are meant to ensure you good sleep and rest. It also cleanses the body, blood and liver, helps to digest and fight with stress, gives a boost of anti-oxidants and minerals.

This tea had a lot more neutral taste to it. It wasn't as fruity or zestful, but rather comforting and calming. How it affected me? I didn't knock me off immediately, but set the perfect mind and mood for going to bed. Few times it helped me with the sore throat and a headache. Overall I did sleep like any other night, but noticed waking up earlier so I can imagine I needed less sleep to get rested. Not to mention I am usually the one who needs so much sleep in order to feel myself decent. Surprising!

In conclusion I would recommend it to everybody who needs a little pick me up in their health department. It am sure it won't harm you, make you feel bad or leave you unimpressed. These teas have to be the most multifunctional I have tried. If you can't feel one certain effect it promised, there's still whole list of things you can experience and be pleasantly surprised. It is also powerful, yet so gentle and caring to ensure you feel yourself your best.

  1. Great review! Sounds like an interesting product x