Rose Melody Lips

My recent 'flavour of the month' as long as lip products go has been L'oreal L'Extraodrinaire Lip Colour in 'Rose Melod...

My recent 'flavour of the month' as long as lip products go has been L'oreal L'Extraodrinaire Lip Colour in 'Rose Melody'. When I chose the shade, I was trapped as every bit of the colour selection was perfect. There were no shades at all I didn't like and this is probably because of an amazing and opaque colour pay-off that the product provides. 

Considering it is made by L'oreal, I was surprised, because I usually don't like their lip products. They often look something that aren't appealing from the outside and inside is usually too ordinary to get for the money they cost.

By only looking at the packaging, they upped their came this time! It looks high quality, sleek and expensive. When I wouldn't know it is L'oreal, I would probably think it is some high-end lip product. The golden tube is accompanied with the little see through window that reveals the actual shade of the product. The applicator comes out like a normal lip gloss wand would do. Wand itself is so comfortable to use as it comes in a wider shape and feels so soft on lips. This allow to get the smoothest and easiest application of the lip colour.

Most of the shades came with little sheen into them, but colours in general were extremely pure and opaque. As I said, the selection was wide and decision to choose only one was hard. So I chose 'Rose Melody' which is dusty rose tone with a little bit of coral undertone to it. The sheen isn't bulky so you won't feel it on your lips at all. I believe this shade would suit to most of the people and flatter any complexion.

L'oreal states that you can get the smoothness and shine of the lipgloss and colour pigment of the lipstick. While it doesn't necessarily cancel out all the natural pigment of the lips, it really has a higher pigmentation than any other lip gloss I have tried. The shade will last longer than expected and meanwhile it won't leave lips uncomfortable or sticky.  Overall, it is something I reach for when I am on the go and don't have a time or desire to spend over 10 seconds to do my lips. This is fast, easy and gives you a decent look!