Deep Cleansing with LUMI Skincare

These gems are  LUMI bioactive skincare , based on the hemp seed oil that is known to be extremely beneficial for the skin, has been create...

These gems are LUMI bioactive skincare, based on the hemp seed oil that is known to be extremely beneficial for the skin, has been created with the principle to create a cosmetic line that is safe yet effective. Hemp seed oil is suitable for every skin type, but especially great for sensitive and problematic skin types. LUMI skin and body care range is quite wide, but only few days ago they let out two brand new products that form their cleansing line. 

The idea is to double cleanse to ensure you have a perfect clean canvas for your skincare products. Double cleaning isn't that new thing when considering skincare, but depending on the products it may be really harsh on skin's natural protective layer. 
LUMI has created two products that go hand in hand to give a perfectly deep cleansed skin while not disturbing skin at all. At first I was thinking these products may be too gentle to some major cleansing, especially when wearing makeup, but I was wrong. These two clean better than any regular foaming face washes would do!

Makeup Removing:

First step in deep cleansing should be removing any makeup and dirt from the skin that your skin has caught during the day. This is a perfect job for LUMI Makeup Removing Milk that is a thicker cream meant to melt off even the sturdiest makeup. It is so gentle, yet gets everything out of pores and around the eyes. It doesn't have any distinctive scent, so this is a product you can smear all over your face with confidence and with no worries it getting in your eyes. Depending on the amount of makeup I wear, I apply about one pump of product all over my dry face and start massaging it in. Then I wet my hands and continue. This the time when the texture of the cleanser turns milky and you can actually see your makeup melting out of your pores. After you have done a good cleanse, you just wash everything off with warm water. As you can get everything off with so little time, the makeup removing process has never been so satisfying and easy.


After that it is time to the actual cleansing, removing the dirt that may be hiding deep down in the pores and exfoliating dead skin cells. LUMI Moisturising Cleansing Milk is a product that is more milky in texture and has a yellowish shade to it. To get evenly distributed product, it is best to shake the bottle before pumping it on your palm. Again, one pump is more than enough to clean whole face and neck area. The process of rubbing this goodness all over the face and massaging it in your pores is heavenly. It contains lactic acid and gentle cleansing complex that ensures deep cleanse, minus the harshness. Lactic acid is known for removing dead skin cells and impurities very gently. Bioactive herbal extracts will soothe the tired skin and support cell renewal. Afterwards you just need to rinse it off with warm water and you are left with clean smooth face that is ready for moisturising. There will be no tight feeling yet no greasy residue at all. Skin will be balanced, clean and so comfortable. 

Whenever I feel I need to clean out my pores and problem areas even more, I let this cleanser sit on my skin few minutes before rinsing it off. It works magic on my pores and makes them clean, appear smaller and smoother. 

Overall I think everyone who has even slightest skin issues should step aside from harsh cleansers and look into something like LUMI does. When choosing these cleansers you won't have to give up on completely clean finish you like after you have washed your skin. These ones are so effective and at the same time their gentle ingredients won't aggravate any more skin problems like redness, blemishes or sensitivity. Considering the price point, the amount you get and the concentration of the products, it isn't a splurge, but rather nice thing to do for your skin.

  1. Lumi asju tahaks väga proovida. Juba nende pakendid on kutsuvad ja stiilsed. Muide, JOIKi koorija osutus väga positiivseks üllatuseks.

    1. Lumi on tõesti väga kvaliteetne ja hea. Steriilselt mõjuvad pakendid on täpselt sellised, mida vannitoakappi peita ei raatsi :) JOIKi koorijat pean proovima, samuti nende uut näomaski!