BIOSOLIS Organic Suncare

This summer I decided to got something more natural when it comes to suncare. I haven't had organic sun products before and Biosolis s...

This summer I decided to got something more natural when it comes to suncare. I haven't had organic sun products before and Biosolis seemed to be a perfect choice. It isn't plain as many organic products tend to be and therefore you can get totally clean suncare products that at the same time are innovative enough to cover your specific needs. Biosolis range of products is pretty wide, but I chose two products that suit me perfectly and have been using throughout the summer.

Two totally different products both come in neat and high quality bottles with a spray cap on top. They hold much, but are small enough to carry in your bag or fit into drawers when not needed. 

Darker brown bottle holds Biosolis Oil Spray with SPF 6 in it. It is perfect to use when your skin has already been exposed to the sun and you don't need very high sun protection anymore. That been said, it still protects the skin perfectly and moisturises the skin while allowing it to get an even tan. 
It contains natural oils of Sesame seed, Jojoba, Argan, Rapeseed and Karanja seed which contains an ingredient called pongamia which increases the protection and broadens the UV spectrum for even better protection. While it is oil formulae it isn't greasy and sinks right into the skin, leaving it smooth, beautiful and even toned. This spray oil is slightly tinted so it will beautify the skin and leave the appearance of deeper tan immediately after application.

The other product is Biosolis Self-Tanning Spray. While you can find truly organic sun protection when you look good, I haven't had a chance to get my hands on organic self tanner before. First time using it, I wasn't sure about it as all the great tanners that are easy to use, don't smell and deliver the even application, tend to be full of chemicals. 

So I hoped for the best, but didn't know what to expect. The consistency of it is a milky lotion that goes on really smooth like any hydrating body milk does. It comes out slightly bronzed yellow shade, so you are able to see where it goes while rubbing it into your skin. The most satisfying to me was the scent of this lotion, it smells like green tea to me. At all times of the self-tanning process there is no typical self-tanner smell at all. But this product surprised me one more time: the tan it gives is so natural looking, evenly sunkissed while skin is moisturised, soft and smells fresh. Overall I love this product. As it feels very luxurious and works something like higher end product would, I don't use it too often right now. Mainly because I imagine how great it would be during winter time when I desperately need a warmer shades on my body. It works perfectly whatever the shade of your skin is and gives you a natural healthy tan while also taking care of your skin and beautifying it.