Products I Have Used Up #2

As I have been really bad with being regular with my 'empties' post I decided it is easier to follow and write when I do them in sm...

As I have been really bad with being regular with my 'empties' post I decided it is easier to follow and write when I do them in smaller patches. Here are five products I managed to save from going into trash and I literally ended last month. So this post is really in order! When it comes to makeup I have no used up products to show you, but you will get more skincare and little bit hair care. 

MÁDARA Deep Moisture Gel is the one I have talked about before and just ended the second tube of it. I love it to hydrate my skin and apply under my moisturiser when I am drier. But more than ever, it is a perfect instead a moisturiser when your skin is unbalanced and isn't that dry. I always reach for it when it get warmer and even hot outside. It keep oilier areas at a bay and doesn't let skin get dry on other areas. It has such a pleasant and fresh herbal scent and liquidy consistency of this gel goes on like a much needed nectar for your face. I reviewed this and other MÁDARA products in here.

Nurme Lavender Facial Toner is meant for problematic skin, but everyone would actually benefit from it. It is 100% natural and I am absolutely in love with their facial toners. Lavender one I particularly love when I have some breakouts to calm down or at night time in general. It soothes, tones and cleans every trace of face mask or face cleaner off your skin. It comes in a spray bottle and that makes it easy to apply it before moisturising-step as a spray refreshment. The only thing I would love more than this already is, would be the bottle. It is fairly small and I go through it so fast. Also I would prefer a bottle to be without the pump as I love my toner on cotton round and whenever I spray it on cotton it gets everywhere else and that's a waste.

Caru Skincare Cucumber + Lime Organic Toner is created for normal or combination skin. It is extremely balancing and detoxifying and has much more power than any other toner I have used. When I first got it, I couldn't get over how beautiful this vintage bottle was. Chances are I am going to clean it and keep it just use it in the future when I happen to stumble on the beauty products that have a not so good packaging. The other thing was a scent of it. It is so refreshing and comforting, just like fresh cucumber salad with the twist of lime! With the combination of cucumbers and limes, it soothes an calms skin immediately, yet leaves pores so clean and small with the cleaning effects of lime. Even if it is labelled as a toner for normal to combination skin, it is so gentle, I would suggest it to everyone with the benefits of clearing up skin, boosting it and balancing its pH levels at all times.

Silver Tree Argan Oil Thairapy Ultra Hydrating Hair Mask is a huge jar full of really moisturising hair mask. I got it for a while ago from local Estonian beauty store I.L.U, when I was actually in a search of a new hair serum. I knew nothing about this brand when I picked it up, but was nicely surprised after first use. Since then it has been my must-have hair once a week hair mask and already got myself a new one. It is really thick and so moisturising yet doesn't leave hair heavy or greasy. It restores hair within few uses and you can actually feel, yourlocks are in a better condition. As just adding moisture doesn't cut it for my hair, it must also has to add some strength, because I won't struggle with the breakage anymore like I did before finding this mask. Since I have tried ever so expensive Macadamia Deep Repair Hair Mask which great, but is quite a splurge when it comes to its price. These two are really similar when it comes to hair results afterwards, but this one is so much cheaper.

LUSH Mask of Magnaminty is a face mask for problematic skin on face and back. I only used it on my face. Being deep cleansing, toning, exfoliating it takes care of your pores and blemishes you might have. I was so amazed by it at first and love the tingling sensation at first because of its natural peppermint oil, but after a while this mask made me sick. The scent got so repulsive and strong for me, I just applied it to use it up and knew it works wonders. It does really heal any blemishes and cleans up pores, but there's too much peppermint for my taste. Probably will give it a try in the far future again, but for now I will stay away from it.

  1. I absolutely empties posts - so glad I stumbled upon your link on twitter! The only product I've tried from your post is Mask of Magnaminty. It used to be only available in jumbo pots and it would take be so long to use it would dry out! I remember the really strong mint smell though and the colour!!

    Jaq @

    1. Thank you for your comment! I also try to get the smaller jar at LUSH when I don't really know the product, because their natural scents tend to be pretty strong.

  2. I keep seeing Caru everywhere I don't think they ship to the UK yet but will check again because I am desperate to try them Xx

    1. Hey, Ana! I think they do ship to UK. They are good! Have to do a post on their other products as well!