Pamper Yourself with Frank

Meet Frank ! He loves skin and sure does love taking care of it. Frank comes in three variations. Mine is with Coconut & Grapeseed . F...

Meet Frank! He loves skin and sure does love taking care of it. Frank comes in three variations. Mine is with Coconut & Grapeseed. Frank knows everything about your body and what it needs to be beautiful healthy and glowing. He is also pretty wise for a coffee scrub. One of his most known life truth is that you have to get dirty before getting clean. That's true, because Frank will get you dirty! But it is all so worth it when you wash it off afterwards, but your Frank in your bathroom cabinet to wait your another date with him. He is a keeper and waits patiently, because he loves you and your skin.

I am sure you already got it, that this a body scrub. But not a regular body scrub! This is a coffee scrub that targets any skin problem you might have. It is especially good with cellulite, acne, stretch marks, psoriasis, eczema, flakiness etc. It has been made of roasted and fround robusta coffee beans along with brown sugar and sea salt. As I said, mine is a Grapeseed and Coconut one which has been infused with grapeseed oil, coconut oil and jojoba beads to get extremely smooth exfoliation and perfection for your skin.

When you open the packaging you can smell the fresh coconut immediately and it slowly fills up your entire bathroom with the exotic aroma. The scrub itself is on the drier side and very concentrated, so you don't need much for the one scrub session. I start from my feet and move up towards my heart. Then I let it work its magic on my skin for 5-10 minutes and afterwards I will have the most hydrated and smooth skin ever. My skin isn't overly sensitive, so I sometimes let the Frank to do his magic also on my face. It fades post acne marks, evens the skin tone in general, fades scarring and boosts up your mood! Me as a coffee lover am absolutely in love with my Frank. And you can't blame me, it is amazing and I am powerless when it comes to this scrub. I am also guilty of sometimes leaving my bathroom door open when I am scrubbing with Frank. Just to make sure that the divine coconut-coffee aroma lingers through my apartment.

Frank also never lets me down when it comes to my self-tanning. I always make sure before to scrub every inch and corner on my body, to avoid uneven tan. This takes some extra time and gets frustrating if I still fail in the end! Frank makes scrubbing so easy, so you don't have to work so hard to get your skin prepared for tan. He does most of the job for you! You should have moisturised and hydrated skin before applying self-tanner, right? Frank does this too! When you step out of the shower, you are left with the skin that has been already moisturised by this miracle worker.

Frank is also known for helping people all over the world, with minor and more serious skin problems and conditions. He sure does love making people comfortable in their own skin and feeling happy. Look up the variety of before and after shots of hardworking Frank's results on his Instagram in here.

You like it? His mine! Get yourself your own Frank!

  1. AnonymousJune 09, 2014

    Have to get myself one!

    1. I think you would love it too :)