New In: Rainy Summer Edition

I haven't posted a blog post on all the things that wait testing out or writing posts on before. Until today! You have to change things...

I haven't posted a blog post on all the things that wait testing out or writing posts on before. Until today! You have to change things up in order to keep things interesting for yourself and for readers. Endlessly pouring rain behind my window and a hot cup of tea being my trustful friend, shall we start!

This won't be a review post as I don't feel myself entitled enough to make such a big statements yet. Even though few of these aren't things I got very recently, they all are new when it comes to me using them. So that basically will make them 'new', wouldn't it?

I don't like hair sprays. I just don't! I know you should use them if you just spent half an hour of your valuable time to make those lovely curls or amazing blow-out, but I can't make myself to use them. Maybe it is so, because I haven't found the right one yet? All the hair sprays I have gotten previously I ended up giving away after few uses. They always make my hair dry, stiff and plastic. Not to mention my hair does what it likes to do as it has its own stubborn brains and no hair spray would stop it! I got my hands on Macadamia Natural Oil Control Hair Spray that is filled with Macadamia Oil and Omegas 3, 5 and 7. I am not completely sure about this product yet, but I can say this may be the product that restored my trust in hair sprays. Maybe because it is full of oils and really lightweight when it come to its finish. Also, keep the humidity away from your hair do and that is very needed with this weepy summer weather we have in here.

Burberry Body Gold Limited Edition Eau de Parfum is something I refuse to put down lately even though it isn't necessarily a summery scent. It has top notes of green absinthe, illuminating peach and delicate freesia. Floral heart notes include rose absolute, iris and warm sandalwood. Base notes reveal woody cashmeran, creamy vanilla, amber and musk. Totally warm and comforting scent that has really powerful sensual twist to it. It is something you would wear at night or on colder months as its warmth with the sour sweetness can be too heavy for summer. As I said, I have found a true comfort out of this scent on these cold days and refuse to skip it in my morning routine.

Two products have cheered me up so much lately and even though there's not much sun out there, I still enjoy having brand new pair of sunglasses along with this sleek watch. To be exact I got to wear my sunglasses for 20 minutes yesterday when we had beautiful bright sun during temperature of 4'C that made me doubt what season it is. Just after that we got huge load of pouring rain on us and I had to put my sunglasses inside this nifty case it comes with. These are KOMONO Urkel sunglasses in Tortoise. They give an excellent protection and are so comfortable to wear as they are high quality. You know how some cheaper glasses can have a plastic feel? It is not a case with these ones, they are made with optical hinges and have metal core inside. Not to mention I love the warm dark brown colour of mine. My watch is also from KOMONO, Magnus Black Black to be exact. With its black genuine leather strap, stainless steel brushed matte metal case, quite big display, lightness and water resistance it has all the qualities a perfect watch should have for me. I love how the simplicity and sleekness go hand in hand with this one!

A true multi tasking product, Shiseido Face Color Enhancing Trio in RS1 has everything a face could need when it comes to makeup. Harmonized tones of highlighter, sculpter and blusher form the perfect combination in one compact to use all three separately or mixed together. RS1 shade has been described as 'Glamorous Bronze Luster' and that is so true. The blusher gives the right amount of colour to achieve that flushed summery look, the bronzer is perfect for warm contouring or just adding wamrht to the face. Highlighter with the warm golden undertones and finest sheen to it will give that perfect angelic goddess glow. This also has to be the first makeup compact I own that came with the brush that isn't a garbage. The brush actually is the softest ever and makes the product application effortless.

Some time ago, a clothing brand Seppälä came out with cosmetic line full of different products from body care to makeup. At first I didn't know what to expect from a clothing brand. What do they know about beauty products? To try them out myself, I got few items and started out with the body product, The Must Have Body Scrub with passionfruit & guava. First, they are pretty clever with the names of the products that are simple and not over the top, yet witty and catching. I wasn't even under the shower yet when I was amazed by the packaging of this body scrub. It is such a high quality plastic jar that comes with a reflecting silver lid you can use as a mirror. How snazzy is that? The product itself makes me probably scrub my body more often than I should. But is is okay as it is really gentle and creamy. The scent of it is what gets to me! It smells like an expensive Victoria's Secret product and has the whipped cream consistency with fine gentle beads in it. While scrubs like this can leave residue on skin (and I don't like residue on my body as long as products are truly natural), this doesn't. It washes off completely clean and will leave skin smooth and velvety! Well done, Seppälä!

While the weather is hectic and can't decide which it wants to be, warm or cold, sunny or rainy, my skin doesn't like this! And it takes everything out on me, like I could choose the right temperature for it. While my skin gets drier I always look into balancing products as I don't want to suffocate my skin with heavy creams when not needed. This Kris D'Amour Balancing Facial Treatment Oil has become handy to me when handling my skin's moods. I have used it only for couple of days, but I already see and feel improvement as my skin isn't so dry around my nose an mouth anymore. It has been formulated for oily, combination and acne prone skin so it should also sort out few break outs I have. I am especially impressed my the ingredient list it has: oils of jojoba, hazelnut, tamanu, seabuckthorn, apple seed, grape seed, juniper berry, lavender, petitgrain, patchouli and extracts of green, red and white teas. All to balance, nourish, hydrate and decongest the skin. Also in love with its comforting warm blend of scents I look forward to smelling whenever I use it.

Filorga BB-Perfect Anti-Aging Beauty Balm has been amazing to me in those two days I have used it! It covers well, better than other BB-creams I have tried and yet looks like you aren't wearing a makeup on your skin. Healthy dewy finish with the moisturising properties guaranteed! My 'radiant beige' shade adapts with my own skin tone perfectly and leaves it definitely brighter and more radiant. Feels almost like putting a good moisturiser on and getting the corrective part as a good surprise.

Garnier Ultra Doux Honey Treasures Shampoo and Conditioner are something I got sent as a gift and  otherwise probably wouldn't have these in my hands. Recently I have tried to take care of my hair with more gentler and natural products and Garnier isn't exactly pure. Also I am aware that sometimes really good hair products aren't 100% pure. A lot of times I am also guilty of choosing the ones that work well and aren't natural. With an open mind, I used these yesterday for the first time. They smell like milk and honey and are both really creamy and easy to use. No residue left into hair, really easy to wash out and totally fuzz free when it comes to using them. I actually liked them after one use and am sure to try them out for a little longer. They left my hair smooth and stronger. Not much to say about the nourishing part as I still needed to use my hair serum afterwards, but the strength of the hair is noticeable! Great for a basic hair care when you don't want to use loads of products, but still want great results.

Biosolis Self Tanning Spray is more like milk that comes out from a spray bottle. The thing I love the most about it is that is certified organic products with EcoCert and BIO labels on it. It has light yellow texture which makes it easy to apply, doesn't smell at any stage of self tanning and gives most natural tan on face and body within one use. You will look like you are slightly sun-kissed, nothing extreme and major at all! Actually it was a refreshing experience to use a product like this, you don't have to be scared of orange or weird shades and streaks. It can be made more intense and darker with re-applying the next day. Huge plus, it won't clog pores and even though I have used it once only I will get more into it and probably will notice even more benefits of it. I am happy with this product as it is hard to find an organic self-tanner that is actually good!

This post came out longer than I was prepared, but oh well! Have you got something new in your beauty stash you just got and is waiting for you to dive into it or just started to use?

  1. I know exactly how you feel about hair sprays! I have 2 or 3 of them yet I never use them after curling my hair.... I know I should but I just can't :D

    1. I know, right! I want my curls to be soft and bouncy, not stiff and overall I don't like the feel of the products in my hair :)

  2. AnonymousJune 19, 2014

    I have heard great things about this Garnier haircare line. And those sunglasses look perfect! xo

    1. I have read also quite many blog posts on them. I think that Ultra Doux line from Garnier is very good when you are looking for some good basic products for your hair. A lot of times your hair doesn't like all the fancy stuff and it is good to treat it with simplicity. Thank you! :)