LUSH Catastrophe Cosmetic

This is   LUSH Catastrophe Cosmetic ,  one of their fresh face masks I recently featured in my skin care wish list and finally decided to ...

This is LUSH Catastrophe Cosmeticone of their fresh face masks I recently featured in my skin care wish list and finally decided to get it. I always put the thought of getting it aside, since I have too many face masks I need to use up before. Fresh face masks also don't last forever, they have pretty short time period they are still good and therefore should be stored in the fridge. Now when I got it, I took finishing this mask as my number one skincare priority and that isn't so hard at all. I always wait impatiently to use it again and again.

This mask is full of antioxidants, vitamins A, C and E that help to protect the skin from damage. Packed with real blueberries, chamomile, calamine, rose and almond oils, it is perfect mixture for moisturising, calming and cleansing. The scent of it quite strong, yet pleasant, something fresh and sweet tied together! LUSH states that you should get four uses out of this jar, but I can't imagine what they mean I should apply it. Bury myself in it? I have used it three times every other day and have most of it still left. 

My skin looked brighter and much more plump right after first use. The calming effect took apart immediately when I applied the mask and I was truly relaxed from the crisp and smooth texture of this mask. The fact that this mask should be in the fridge, can be beneficial, it calms down any redness, blemishes, sensitivity and sun damage. After washing it off, my pores were clearer, face didn't need moisturiser immediately and skin's oiliness was balanced. Perfect boosting mask for summer time!

I will be definitely in a hunt for another LUSH fresh masks in the future. What are your favourites?

  1. Kui aus olla, siis Vestige Verdanti mask on ainuke, mida ma kasutan. Küll planeerisin minna poodi ja osta endale neid ühekordseid maske, just, et proovida ja võrrelda. Kuid siis mu silm jäi peale ühele lehele, kus oli palju erinevaid looduslikke maske, mida saab kodus ise teha. Kavatsen läbi proovida ja näidata. :)

    1. Mulle meeldib ka väga Vestige Verdant, aga maskihaige nagu ma olen, siis peab mul neid mitu olema. Vahelduse mõttes ning see LUSHi oma niisutab ka rohkem!