Contents of My Makeup Bag #2

This is probably one of my favourites post to read when browsing through my blog reading list. And now I decided to do an updated version o...

This is probably one of my favourites post to read when browsing through my blog reading list. And now I decided to do an updated version of my makeup bag. I could have named it 'summer edition', but to go with the theme I just numbered it. Chances are this won't be my last 'What's in my makeup bag' post, so it will be easier to follow. This time there are my true favourites I have used for months and some of these for weeks. I have found that less is more and this definitely applies when it is summer time! So, without further ado, this is my light pink Lancóme makeup bag I got as a gift. It holds just everything I need and fits easily into my handbag if needed.

For my face:

Artdeco Perfect Teint Concealer is an amazing light-reflecting concealer I use as an illuminator to brighten up my dark circles, hyper-pigmentation and other areas that might need little radiance. It won't do much as long as coverage goes, but still has quite decent pigmentation to get that healthy rested face. It glides on smoothly, is easy to blend as it adapts with skin immediately and also stays put all day long! I have it in shade 6 'Refreshing Cream'.

Couleur Caramel Smoothing Velvet Primer, Dark Circle Concealer and Natur'fluid Foundation have been my all time favourites for a while now. I also did a proper review on these three few days ago you can read in here. Only good words to say about these! I consider these perfect summer makeup items.

Kallos Cosmetics Love Pure Blush is something I can't skip on even if I don't use the whole face makeup. It adds the most natural flushed complexion to skin and you will look like you have been resting and been on vacation. Combats that dull and pasty winter skin in seconds! Also, talked about it in here.

Beautiful Me Finishing Powder in 'Dewy Perfection'is my go to setting powder I mostly use on my t-zone, under my eyes and down my nose to get that healthy glow. It is so fine and the best and most accurate way to describe it would be 'a natural HD powder'. I am always afraid of powder as there is only that thin line between setting your makeup and making yourself matte cake face. Unnatural powdery face won't ever happen with this fine powder that actually gives a dewy finish with the power of keeping your makeup on longer. 

Royal Effem Bright & Bronze Mineral Powder is fairly new product, but I already love it so much. Mine is in shade 002 and gives the most natural beautiful bronzed glow. It is quite light warm toned bronzer with the rose undertones and won't leave your face orange or muddy at all. It also has finest sheen in it, but on face it rather shows up more like warm iridescent glow. I have used it as a contour, as a bronzer on my cheeks to warm up my face and also as an eye shadow. Gorgeous thing!

For my eyes:

Avon Eyeshadow Primer is a light beige coloured almost like whipped cream base for your eyeshadow. It cancels out any redness or discolouration while also keeping your eye shadow on whole day. It won't leave eyelids sticky like some eye shadow primers do. And I am the person who's eyelids usually get quite oily throughout the day. Huge bonus, it is really affordable and will last a long time on you.

Senna Cosmetics Glow Eye Color in 'Cordovanis a high quality deep bronze shade with reddish undertones. They describe it as 'bronzed wine' and it is quite accurate. It adds depth and warmth to eyes whenever I need more dramatic eye. Easy to use and guaranteed you won't get any fall-out with this as its sheen really represents more glow than shimmer. When I am in hurry, I use it as a all over shade colour and I am good to go yet put together. When I have more time in my hands I use it as a crease shade or add it in the outer corners of my eyes and blend it out.

Avon True Colour Eyeshadow Quad in 'Nearly Nakedis a handy thing to have when creating everyday nude eye. Avon has really stepped up in its game and improved their shadow quality. They stay on as smooth as they go on and all these shades they are always coming up with are comparable with high end shadows. I have mattes and satin tones in this palette and these allow me to create really natural or more dramatic eye when needed.

Artdeco Eye Brow Powder in shade 5 'Medium'. Before getting this I always tried to find the best thing for defining brows and were quite indecisive about what I really like. I tried different brow powder, regular eyeshadows, eye brow pencils, waxes, gels etc. Never ever I had known that getting your brows on could be that easy and you don't need to polish them with the powder for 10 minutes to make them somewhat decent. As long as you have picked out the right shade for your brows, this one makes it so easy. With only few wipes using angled brush and this powder you will get nicely done and natural looking arch!

MISSHA The Style 4D Mascara and Etude House Drawing Show Brush Liner are my usual everyday combination when I actually decide to go with an eyeliner. When not, it will only be this mascara. It gives natural, yet separated and feathery lashes I do love. Eye liner is extremely high quality and such a fool-proof item everyone, who is struggling with the perfect line should get. I talked about both of these in here very recently.

Diorshow Iconic Overcurl Mascara is really gorgeous and gives spectacular results with its volumising and curling effect. I have a deluxe-sample size of it and have used it on more special occasions as this does give that beautiful false lash effect. Again, I love the brush as it isn't rubber, but really big sized curved wand that will give its promised effect within only one coat.

For my lips:

Chanel Rouge Coco Shine Lipshine is something that gives your lips natural colour and creamy shine all in one. It is so smoothing, juicy and softening on lips. Using this could get absolutely addicitive in a good way, because with a hint of perfect nude colour it will beautify the whole face and definitely will give that special luxurious feel inside. I contains moisturising ingredients that will also take care of lips and give them a nousrishment and boost for eight hours. As I mentioned I have a lovely beige nude with a slight hint of natural pink in it and it is a shade 77 'Ingénue'.

Besamé Cosmetics 'Exotic Pink Lipstickis another luxurious lip product that comes in a sleek golden tube and is quite different from the Chanel one by it consistency. It has more matte texture, ridiculously good pigmentation when it comes to shade itself and really good staying power. This lipstick has been inspired by the vintage cosmetics and the exact shade 'Exotic Pink' that truly is a bold flamingo pink has is based on the actual shade of lipstick from 1955. This shade is so bright and beautiful, it would brighten up any complexion and mood.

Gosh Cosmetics Velvet Touch Lipstick in 152 'Mandarina'. Is probably one of my favourite shades of lip products to wear. It is not too orange, more like a muted creamy orange mixed with coral. It leaves velvety smooth finish with a creamy shine to it and feels very comfortable on lips. 

Burt's Bees Replenishing Lip Balm with Pomegranate Oil is really hydrating and nourishing lip balm without being overly greasy. I love to apply it as a base to my lip colours when applying makup. As it is quite delicate and evens out the lips natural tone with the slight hint of colour, it makes a perfect base to more drying and matte lip products. It smells divine, works wonderful and has served me well.

Last but not least I have a sample of Dolce & Gabbana Dolce perfume which is very feminine and delicate yet has its on character and spice to it. It is a perfect 'woman scent' as to me it seems to be more mellow and sensual than more girly floral perfumes would be.

That's it! Not too much, but enough to get every makeup need covered.