Choose Matcha Over Coffee

If someone would have told me few months ago I would choose alternative hot drink over coffee, I would have laughed at them and continued t...

If someone would have told me few months ago I would choose alternative hot drink over coffee, I would have laughed at them and continued to act as a coffee addict, always thinking when could I get another cup of coffee. Sometimes it even ruled my life too much, but I couldn't give up. I love the taste of coffee, the smell of coffee, the idea of coffee and the variety of coffee drinks you can get. 
Until I tried matcha green tea for the first time in my life! This particular one is Pure Chimp's Super Tea. It has been made without any additives, is 100% natural and vegan. Basically it is a jar full of goodness in form of very fine powdered green tea.

When you usually enjoy green tea and throw away the tea leaves, then with matcha you will consume everything. This means 137 times more antioxidants than regular green tea! There are so many benefits in a good cup full of matcha. It boosts metabolism, clears up skin when you are prone to redness and spots and improves skin in general. Improves energy levels, nutrient balance and weight control. Green tea is extremely anti-aging when you drink it regularly. The most important factor to me is the fact that I get my needed caffeine without anxiety since I suffer from it. 

Basically you take 1/2 teaspoon of matcha powder and mix it with hot water in a regular tea cup or make a shot with juice and take it in at once. I prefer to drink it as a regular tea and since green tea can be little bit bitter, I like to add a little amount of organic local honey in it. Matcha creates little foam on top of it, but when you are pickier than me, you can always whisk it and create even more foam and enjoy your creamy foamy power drink. 

The benefits of matcha kick in quite fast. I usually feel the rush of energy right after I have finished with my drink, but still I will remain focused. I also noticed I won't feel sluggish afterwards when the effect of the caffeine has faded. It happens quite often with coffee consumption: you will feel yourself like in a rut and afterwards there's no energy at all. In conclusion I did notice in a month that my skin got better and didn't need as much care a pampering in order to maintain its cleanliness. My metabolism got punctual and much faster and overall I felt myself better, stress free and without any anxiety or insomnia.
I am not going to lie, I still consume coffee at least once a day in the morning, but I have cut down on it so much and am proud of myself. There have also been days without any coffee at all after matcha had got more and more near my heart.

About this particular Pure Chimp matcha green tea I love the fact it seems to be so high quality, the powder is very fine, dissolves quickly and only tiniest amount creates quite strong tea. Can't pass on mentioning the handy jar that can be taken with you anywhere without worrying about spilling your matcha.

Have you tried matcha green tea and did you like it?