Vestige Verdant Bioactive Mask

As it is soon to be weekend it is right time to talk about pampering yourself. I usually take the time to do face masks, scrubs and hair tr...

As it is soon to be weekend it is right time to talk about pampering yourself. I usually take the time to do face masks, scrubs and hair treatments on Friday or Saturday evenings. This is the time to myself. While there are different masks I do I want to talk about the most special one. It is Vestige Verdant - an all organic bioactive anti aging mask that heals and soothes your skin.

First and foremost, this has been created in Estonia and looks quite luxurious to begin with. Quite big jar holds 200ml of face mask that looks something like mud, but really is based on organic peat. While it claims to be anti-aging it has so much more in it. The benefits list is very long and includes the properties of deep cleansing, moisturising, improving skin's texture, reviving blood circulation, healing allergic or overly sensitive skin, diminishing acne, relieving stress and restoring skin's natural pH balance.

How does it work? As I said it is based on organic natural peat that has one of Vestige Verdant's key ingredients, humic acid in it. This substance is originally so complex, that its molecular structure is impossible to replicate synthetically. So they have harnessed the power of nature with the purpose of making this miracle mask happen. Humic acid detoxifies and is also powerful enough to fight with cellulite. Deep cleansing and moisturising effect comes form a lot of minerals and bioactive ingredients that also give tour skin its natural pH balance. Fulvic acid in it, proven to be powerful electrolyte, will heal anything that may be troubling your skin. Soothing properties come from bioactive hymatomelanic acid that accelerates healing process, improves texture and is known to have the ability to fight with cancer cells.

Onto my true opinion! This mask doesn't have a scent to it and has a quite wet muddy texture. It should be applied whenever needed on a clean surface, but can be used daily if skin tolerates it. When applied it feels so soothing as it is moist and quite cold. Layer should be thick enough to cover the whole skin without your skin peeking through. Right after finished with an application, it is time to relax. Soon, great things will start to happen! After a while you will feel slight tingling or itching on your skin and almost feel how this mask pulls every single toxin and gunk out of your skin. When your skin isn't overly sensitive, you can leave it on up to 10 minutes, but when it is, 5 minutes should be fine. Like with every skincare item you should really listen your own skin and see what works best for you.
Not so good part is washing it off. It might get really dirty and your sink will be in need of a good clean afterwards. You also need to take some time to concentrate on your face and get everything off. I also use a cotton pad with a splash of toner on it to remove even slightest traces of mask afterwards. Once you get used to this mask you will master the whole process and washing it off part won't be so bad anymore. Key is to be as close to the skin as possible and really use your hands to clean your face. Even better if you can do this mask right before getting into shower and all your problems regarding dirty sink will be gone! This is what I do and I enjoy this little ritual so much. 

After you have gotten everything off, you will be absolutely amazed! Yes, there are great mud masks and even better clay masks that deep cleanse your skin perfectly, but with this mask it is whole another story. I can't even describe it without sounding like a lunatic. It feels like your skin is finally breathing and so thankful you just can't keep your hands away from your face. Your pores look smaller, cleaner, skin comfortable in general and the more regularly you use this mask, the more you see the effect. Whatever the product is, you choose to apply afterwards: serum, moisturiser or both, they go on amazingly and work so much better with your clean skin. 

Vestige Verdant ships worldwide and even though the price is little bit pricy it is nothing compared to the results I have with it. This jar is completely full of the mask and mine lasted about 5 months and I still have some of it left as you can see from the picture. In fear of running out of it, I already had to get the new one!