Good Skin Needs Good Makeup

You can layer and layer good skincare and take your time to work its magic, but if it doesn't you probably put so much bad stuff on you...

You can layer and layer good skincare and take your time to work its magic, but if it doesn't you probably put so much bad stuff on your skin during daytime, your skin can't take it anymore. Whenever I have troubled skin times I turn to natural makeup. Especially natural face makeup! Couleur Caramel is a lovely French cosmetics brand that does its makeup clean, pure and full of good ingredients that actually take care of your skin. These would also be perfect items to use in your summer makeup routine as I can't imagine what could be worse for your skin than sweating under sun having silicones, parabens, parfums and other chemicals on sitting on your skin.

Couleur Caramel Smoothing Velvet Primer enhances the complexion, improves foundation application and sets makeup by prolonging its hold. It has sheer texture that smoothes skin tone and makes its texture velvety smooth. I apply it only on my oilier areas as it has a mattifying effect, yet it leaves skin its healthy look. I imagine that this would be a life saver product for people who are overly oily. As I also get drier areas I sometimes prefer to use tiniest amount and mix it with my foundation, then I apply the mixture on my face and I will get poreless airbrushed finish in a natural way. This primer is a true multi-tasker and can also used throughout the day on makeup when unwanted shine comes peeks through and makeup need little correction in general. While this is not all, it contains lots of natural oils that are beneficial for skin. This product restored my belief into makeup primers as I always thought you can't get a good pore concealing primer without nasties in it. Turns out you can and while using it you are able to enjoy its sweet dessert-like aroma!

Couleur Caramel Natur'fluid Foundation is a light coverage foundation to achieve a natural finish with. It allows to even out skin tone while hydrating  skin completely and giving you radiant a complexion. The application process itself feels always so good and comforting on skin, almost like putting on skincare. What can be better? During the day it will sink more into skin, so it won't be very long-lasting, but whenever I reapply it on areas where I might need more coverage, it won't look cakey or unnatural. Perfect summer time foundation! Mine comes in shade 12, natural beige. 

Couleur Caramel Dark Circle Concealer has turned out to be my hero product! This concealer gets so creamy with the heat of your fingers, yet dries perfectly matte but not dry looking on skin. It diminishes everything from dark circles to acne scars, blemishes and redness. A lot of times I don't even use powder to set it as it finds the right way to cooperate with skin and stay on long hours. Having a huge benefit of not getting into fine lines, but adapting with skin's texture, I love this so much that can't go a day without it. Whenever I choose not use makeup on that day, I only dab little bit this product on problem areas and I am good to go. Mine comes in shade 12, light beige.