Biological Sea Buckthorn Cosmetics

Sea buckthorn - I like its concept, I like its omegas, I like its berries, I like its bright orange colour, I like its taste and what can b...

Sea buckthorn - I like its concept, I like its omegas, I like its berries, I like its bright orange colour, I like its taste and what can be better than skincare with this amazing plant that adds the products all the nicest properties. I have used sea buckthorn based products before and had quite great results. Now it was time to put Bio2You products to test and see what the real deal was.

Organic Nutritive Sea Buckthorn Moisturiser with Panthenol is truly organic quite rich moisturiser with a good amount of product in a glass bottle. Being so concentrated that you need only tiny amount, makes it even more valuable buy when it comes to its packaging. Its formulation brings together moisturising, soothing, nourishing, smoothing, protecting and microcirculation improving properties. To be exact, having argan oil, panthenol ProVitamin B5, plant extracts, shea butter and sea buckthorn oil it reduces inflammation, heals sun damage, protects from free radicals, balances skin perfectly and helps it to regenerate its tissue. I was quite sure this moisturiser is going to be the bomb and didn't have to disappoint. I love that it is so concentrated I need tiniest amount - saves a lot of money and you can still use one of the best products when moisturising your face. Whenever I have a break out or two, it really helps it to heal faster and this is usually the time I most definitely grab after this cream. 

Organic Omega 3-6 Serum is probably one of the best of the best products I have used for a while. It claims to be natural skin antidepressant and when at first I didn't get it I now do. This is the serum I won't use daily, but only when my skin feels thirsty, dehydrated or really troubled. It is like a medicine for skin in need! Instantly after applying you feel relieved and your face looks so smooth and calm. I have done a series of days when using this and this really boosts my skin by healing every little dry patch and every little pimple or blemish scar. Omega 3 in it stimulates production of dopamine which is a natural molecule of happiness. I don't know about that, but applying this makes me one step closer to happiness as it smells so soothingly comforting and I always know I will wake up to much nicer skin. This serum also proved itself even more when I was struggling with a cold sore. I usually don't like cols sore creams as they are full of chemicals and only help when applied really early. But this product, reapplied over and over again, healed my full blown cold sore within a day. I was left with little dry mark next to my lip and couldn't be more happy about this find.

Have you tried anything based on sea buckthorn oil? Loved it?