My Current Beauty Favourites #2

Time for another 'beauty favourites' post. While I have been using so much new and great products lately that I haven't talked ...

Time for another 'beauty favourites' post. While I have been using so much new and great products lately that I haven't talked about yet, I needed to cut down the amount of products I love and bring you the best of my favourites. So these thing made the cut, are totally trustworthy and basically my heroes when it comes to beauty care. Again, I must admit that I have undetectably become a junkie and an addict for natural beauty products. While I do have some things in my beauty stash that aren't completely natural, I noticed that these are mostly natural and safe to use for everyone. 

Hair Care

Organic Surge Moisture Boost Shampoo and Conditioner are both the products that surprised me the most. These are so affordable and free of all the nasty stuff that aren't good for your hair. Shampoo is so gentle yet lathers well and cleans hair like nobody's business. It is enriched with aloe vera, olive leaf and grape vine extracts that keep hair moisturised and silky. Lemon peel extract seals the hair cuticle to maintain its shine and keep hair frizz free. Thyme and fennel seed extracts work to strengthen and prevent breakage. While shampoo cleanses without stripping hair, conditioner is with its thickness and creamy texture hydrates and nourishes even the driest locks. I am so pleased with these products and have managed to get my hair into better condition than I have ever dreamed.

Unique Haircare Leave-In Conditioner is a certified organic spray conditioner with a low pH-value and milk proteins that protect every individual hair strand from heat stress, colour fading and environmental damage. I truly recommend it to everyone, but especially to people who need to improve their hair condition, lock in moisture, but are worried about their hair weighing down or going flat. This adds perfect amount of luxurious moisture and strength to hair, but also gives surprisingly great volume and body to it. I have used it in damp hair before styling and in dry hair when I need to refresh my locks between washes. Both ways work wonders!

Skin Care

Vestige Verdant Face Mask is a miracle in a jar. It is produced in my own little home country, Estonia and has become a huge thing in here. I can't argue with the fact that it is amazing! It comes in huge jar that lasts basically months and months. It can be used daily and is suitable for every skin type and skin condition as it has so many benefits. It deep cleanses and moisturises, improves skin texture, revives blood circulation, heals allergies and overly sensitive skin, diminishes acne, relieves stress and restores natural pH balance of skin. As has only organic minerals and bioactive humic acid I truly believe in every statement this mask has made! It goes on smooth, looks absolutely black and starts to itch on skin soon after waiting around. You can actually feel it working and pulling all the nastiness out of your skin. It is messy to remove, but not impossible. I have found it is best to wash it off in the shower so this has become my daily face routine just before getting into shower. My skin has become a lot clearer, smoother and balanced since I have used it regularly.

Selexir Peace Balm has been my another must have wonder product when it comes to skin care. It is and intensive cosmetic salve that specifically soothes distressed, irritated and sensitive skin areas. Its formula is bursting with goodness as it contains 21 highly concentrated natural ingredients. It improves skin's texture, balances its hydration levels and strengthens skin's natural barrier. I have used it around my mouth which was my problem area when temperature changes got the best out of my skin. I have also used it on cracked hands and lips just before going to bed and woken up to perfectly healed skin. I am especially impressed with the amount of time it works. You literally apply tiniest amount of it on your problem area and wake up to beautifully healed skin in the morning!

NOVExpert Eye Contour Care is a moisturising lifting and decongesting eye cream with hyaluronic acid, cucumber extracts and cornflower in it. It is deeply hydrating, yet so light and absorbs fast without laving any residue on the eye area. It has significally reduced my dark circles and promises also to combat any puffiness and dryness. It relieves redness and discomfort when I have my common spring time allergies and feels comforting in the morning right after waking up. I also love the fact that it is hypoallergenic and 100% natural.

Make Up

Beautiful Me Finishing Powder in 'Dewy Perfection'. It is clearly a bright and shiny gem in a mineral makeup world. I have tried many mineral makeup brands and few of them have been wonderful enough to add my daily makeup routine. Mineral makeup is often too shimmery/bright for daily use, too drying or messy in general. This a wonderful perfecting powder I set my makeup with every single day. It has 'barely there' light diffusing and radiant sheen in it that isn't overpowering and can be used all over the face to achieve that healthy glow we all want. It helps my makeup to stay in put all day yet doesn't make me cakey or overly matte. If you are looking for super fine HD setting powder in a natural form, this is the must have for you! Huge advantage I love this product for is a packaging, it has a lock system that keeps your mineral powder in a jar and your makeup bag clean at all times.

AEOS Organic Liquid Concealer in Ivory has only organic 'good for your skin' ingredients in it that is usually hard to find in a good concealers. It has perfect pigmentation to achieve light to medium coverage for problem areas. This concealer is something I didn't get along with at first as I found it has a poor coverage for my preferences. As I liked the idea my skin could breathe through this concealer I gave it a second, third and maybe even fourth go and tried to make it work. Then I discovered it is absolutely amazing and something I love to pieces. I just tabbed it on my problem areas (under eyes, around my mouth, blemishes etc) and let it sit for a minute or two before starting to blend. I usually do my brows or just hang out while waiting. Then I start to blend the concealer with my finger by pressing it gently into my skin. It covers beautifully, looks natural and doesn't sit on my skin.

Body Care

The Body Shop Moringa Eau de Toilette is something I have used for a while now. I loved the Moringa scent when I first got the body butter and then decided I have to have a Moringa scent I can spray on whenever I want. I adore the size of this sleek yet simple bottle even though I was little bit disappointed at first because how little it is. Little did I know you don't need much when applying it, it smells pretty powerful and stays on longer than most of the high end perfumes do. I usually don't need to reapply it during the day. It smells delicately floral, feminine and uplifting. Being fresh and not too sweet it would be perfect scent for spring time!

I do plan doing a full detailed reviews on some of these products, so bare with me. When you want me to write a review on the product that got your attention, just let me know!

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