Moroccan Natural for Healthy Glowing Skin

When talking about Moroccan Natural in general, it is a pretty unique brand. While most of its hit products are produced only with 100% or...

When talking about Moroccan Natural in general, it is a pretty unique brand. While most of its hit products are produced only with 100% organic and pure Argan Oil they have stepped up in their game and gotten their product selection so wide and tempting. It is not usual and common to have a great selection when it comes to all natural and organic beauty brand, because a lot of times greatest ingredients don't grow on trees (literally). Therefore it felt even more special and great when applying Moroccan Natural skincare on my skin, I was sure my skin gets the best ingredients out there.

Moroccan Natural Argan Glow  was a nice surprise since I usually don't like Argan Oil on my face. They have managed to get it just right in order to apply it without being left with overly greasy face afterwards. Mine comes in a 10 ml bottle with a roller ball that makes appplication so easy and neat. I usually put it on my hands, warm it up and pat on my skin. It feels like a glow nectar whenever your face is dull and need little boost. This amount of products lasted me quite some time as it is highly concentrated and I literally needed one swipe with the roller ball to cover my whole face and neck area.
As I have become ingredient nazi when it comes to my skincare I love that it is only high quality Argan Oil, but they have also included Sea Buckthorn Oil to assist it. So, this little serum has high amounts of vitamins C, E and A. It heals any micro wounds, heals acne and acne scars, protects from free radicals and UV rays. Cherry on the top is the fact that it subtle colour to it that give you healthy glow immediately after applying! This really is a miracle nectar for your thirsty face.

Moroccan Natural Pearl Powder is another product derived from Mother Nature. When you thought it can't get any better, think again. This little jar holds 100% natural pearl powder that is basically very fine powder of crushed pearls. It has been used as a beauty aid for ages. It has been recorded nearly for 3000 years in skin treatments used by Cleopatra, the last Queen of Egypt and Wu Zetian. Pearl powder has so much power in it to heal, refine, protect, treat and beautify your skin in general. It promotes new skin cells, increases collagen levels, heals acne and acne scarring, gets rid of dry areas, sun damage and rosacea. These are only few of the benefits, it also reduces pore size dramatically, smooths any fine lines and brightens skin tone in general. There are so many ways to use it. 

This pearl powder comes in a little jar full of powder and a random pearl in it. While it is fairly small jar, you get so much out of it as you only need tiny spatula size all over the face. So, do you use it? When your concern is aging, you can use it as a mask with yogurt or milk and leave on for 10-15 minutes. It works as a nourishing and moisturising highly effective mask when mixed with beaten egg white, honey and few drops of lemon juice. Mixed with argan oil and applied as a mask it revives dry and dull skin immediately. You can also leave a light dusting of pearl powder on your face for overnight an your skin feels so much more balanced, pores smaller and cleaner when your concern is imbalanced oily skin.

I personally used it with pure cow's milk and Greek Yogurt as a mask and absolutely loved it. I also loved the little spatula sized amount of pearl powder in my favourite face serum. I literally dropped the little amount of pearl powder in the bottle of face oil and every time I use it, shake it up. It adds a lot of nutrients and minerals to it and your serum will work better than ever. When I wasn't up to mixing any masks I just mixed little amount of pearl powder in my palm with pure water and applied the paste on my skin. It acted as a pore reducing mask and micro exfoliant. My skin felt clearer, brighter and new levels of smooth!

Basically there are no rules how to use it and what to mix it in with. You just have to get it, be creative, experiment with it and find what works best for your skin!