Domina Elegans Universal Face Cream

Brand called  Domina Elegans is fairly new, but already quite well known and awarded natural beauty brand from Estonia. It has been create...

Brand called Domina Elegans is fairly new, but already quite well known and awarded natural beauty brand from Estonia. It has been created by doctors and scientists who believe that the best inspiration and ingredients come from nature. Their skincare philosophy is to give the skin all that it needs to be healthy and radiant, and to pamper it softly without synthetic preservatives and only the best components from the nature. 

As you can see I have Domina Elegans 4D Universal Revitalising Face Cream from their Natural Beauty line. What makes this cream so special and to stand out from the others in the market is patented natural emulsion HYDRESIA® (safflower oleosomes), cold-pressed natural oils, silk protein and Dead Sea minerals that promise to regenerate and revitalise the cellular structure of the skin by promoting skin cell metabolism and collagen synthesis. 

I have used this cream day and night for couple of months now and am absolutely in love with it. But this love relationship didn't come easy for me! When I first got it I fell in love with its refreshing yet natural scent, almost reminds me fresh cucumbers. The freshness totally came into play when I applied this cream for the first time, it was so calming, soothing and uplifting on my skin. Even though it feels amazingly full of nurturing ingredients, I felt that my drier areas needed more moisture and I was confused. I always found myself reapplying this cream on my drier areas and also wanted to reach for my other, much richer, moisturisers, but continued to use this one. Within few days I noticed I didn't get the drier areas anymore! My skin felt completely hydrated, balanced, calm and smooth. 

During the time I noticed this cream makes a beautiful base for a makeup and can also be applied around the eyes. It takes care of the tired and dull skin immediately and also gives the instant relief to my allergies and puffiness around eyes, also due to allergies. 
Overall I believe that everyone could benefit from this cream, hence the name 'Universal'. When your skin is oilier it really needs some nourishment and hydration to calm the oil production down and this face cream would be perfect one to do that! When your skin is drier, give this cream some time to adjust with your needs and you won't regret it.