Jovely Naturals Facial Oils

Continuing with the '100% natural Estonian skincare' topic I must introduce you to  Jovely Naturals . It is fairly unknown and new ...

Continuing with the '100% natural Estonian skincare' topic I must introduce you to Jovely Naturals. It is fairly unknown and new to me, but as much as I have used a selection of their products I must say it is a shame I didn't have their gems in my home before. The fact that most of their products are 100% natural and everything is made and packed by hand is always a good sign. Their pure mission is to rise their customers awareness of natural products and why it is important to look what you put on your body. One more reason besides simple yet classy packaging why I am in love with Jovely Naturals.

I decided first to talk about their two facial oils. They have three different ones in their collection, but I have these two: one for oily skin type and one for normal to combination skin type. And I like them both for various reasons.

Jovely Naturals Facial Oil for Oily Skin comes with a sleek white label and a handy pump bottle. It holds 30ml of pure blend of different oils that oily and problematic skin can benefit from. It is especially formulated to balance the skin's oil production while hydrating and nourishing it without clogging pores. Its light texture is perfect for oilier skin types as it sinks right into skin without leaving it greasy but silky smooth instead. I love its refreshing scent of good essential oils that feel so relaxing and comforting while applying it on face. Lavender, geranium and tea tree oils make definitely a perfect mix for skin and senses. This is the oil I have used for over a month now every single morning and my skin absolutely loves. It has cleared up a lot and my makeup goes so smooth over such a hydrated and balanced skin. 

Jovely Naturals Facial Oil for Normal and Combination Skin has been a great addition to the previous facial oil. First I used the facial oil for oily skin type at nights, but then decided that I like more heavier moisture on my skin before going to bed. As my skin isn't actually oily, but rather combination, this was a perfect solution for it. As I said I use it in the evenings and as it is richer and moisturises even more it still doesn't leave any suffocating residue on skin. Grape seed oil along with super nurturing avocado oil and jojoba oil sink right in and you can actually feel how your skin is happier, a lot more calmer and smoother. Again, it smells divine, but a lot more warmer and gentler than the first one: geranium essential oil pairs up with rosemary oil perfectly by creating perfect blend for night time.

Overall I am so impressed with the quality and price range with these facial oils. This proves once again that good luxurious skincare doesn't have to be pricy. Vice versa, these one definitely do contain more and higher levels of good nutrients for your skin than a lot of expensive over the counter face creams would do.