JOIK Skincare Galore

I have definitely become an addict of this local Estonian brand JOIK  that have been mentioned before. I have slowly but surely been trying...

I have definitely become an addict of this local Estonian brand JOIK that have been mentioned before. I have slowly but surely been trying out everything by them and managed to find my own favourites in time. This post will be only about their skincare since I love everything skincare related and adore everything they offer.

JOIK Deep Cleansing Facial Oil that comes with a handy sponge that makes using it so simple and effective. It melts off everything on your face, from makeup to unwanted dirt and oils. It smells divine like lemongrass, lavender and tea tree together would do, that on the other hand gives a relaxing feel to every cleansing ritual at night. Me as a cleansing oil devotee and lover who has tried oh so many am extremely impressed with this particular one as it also cleanses every single pore on skin. There aren't many face cleansing oils out there that are acne prone friendly, but this is like a magic. It leaves absolutely no residue of oil or dirt, vice versa, your skin will be smooth, hydrated and completely clean. 

JOIK Alcohol Free Facial Toner with Aloe and Sea-Buckthorn Oil is another to die for skin product by them. Like everything else in here it is 100% natural and full of good ingredients for your face. It is infused with sea buckthorn oil which contains vitamins A, E and C plus aloe extract that soothes any skin type. It smells very refreshing and little bit minty and therefore will awaken skin anytime when little pick me up is needed. Other than that it will balance skin immediately after using and leave it comfortable when dehydrated. I especially enjoy it on these colder winter months when my skin is acting up a little. Big high five for the looks of this toner, bright orange shade of it makes my mood immediately when I see it. It doesn't transfer on skin and won't turn you orange, although I would love a little bit of colour on these pasty winter days. 

JOIK Silky Facial Serum with Cranberry Seed Oil is extremely luxurious addition to this skincare family. Even though it is originally meant for dry and mature skin I can benefit from it so much. It doesn't leave any greasy residue. All the good nutrients will be absorbed quickly after applying and skin will be silky smooth and hydrated. Because it is full of nutrients and proteins I am usually using it only at the night times, I don't want to over feed my skin. Whenever i get more dryness I am always reaching for this serum that combats any dry areas within hours.

JOIK Super Moisturising Lip Balm with Orange Essential Oil smells like a real orange in a tube. It is a more moisturising and heavier kind of a lip balm I was looking for before getting it. It gives such a load of moisture to lips that even the driest or most cracked lips will heal within hours. It feels extremely pleasant and creamy on lips and gives your pout a healthy soft moisturised feel and look whenever applied. I also love it for overnight as a lip treatment and I always thank myself in the mornings when my lips look and feel great.

Clearly I can't say good enough words about everything as I am so thankful that a company like JOIK is developing natural products in my own home country. These have been helping me and my skin so much, especially on colder months. Every time I am in the department store I find myself in front of the JOIK isle to have a something else from them to experience and enjoy.