Senna Summer Glow Collection

I have been pretty huge fan of Senna Cosmetics for a while now. Their eye brow products are so professional and amazing, their lipsticks a...

I have been pretty huge fan of Senna Cosmetics for a while now. Their eye brow products are so professional and amazing, their lipsticks are creamy and lip glosses are long lasting. Senna Cosmetics has lifted their bar even higher now and released the whole collection dedicated to the summer of 2013. It is called Summer 2013 Glow Collection. The idea behind it everything warm, golden and glowy, that's what summer is about.

One of the non-makeup items that came out with this collection was Powder Point 33 Brush. It is silky soft with a mint green wooden handle and shiny black barrel. This brush is suitable from powder to bronzers, blushers and highlighters. Its pointed shape gets so perfectly into hollows of your cheeks or tops of your cheeks. It has become a valuable tool in my makeup routine!

These are powders from the new collection called Brilliant Bronze. As you can see this comes in two different versions: lighter colder toned 'Dawn' which has light bronzer and seashell toned highlighter in it and warmer toned 'Sunset' which has deeper bronzer and golden highlight in it.
Both are very wearable even on lighter skin tones as despite their good pigmentation they can be applied with a lighter hand or builded up to more heavier application. Even though they both have a lot of shimmer in a compact it doesn't transfer so much on the face, they rather leave sheen on your skin that gives you that angelic glow. 

These two are new additions to Senna Cosmetics Glow Eye Colours. 'Emerald Glow' is a golden warm toned green and 'Rose Gold Glow' is a perfect warm rose gold shade which I can't get enough of. They both are so pigmented, glide on easily to a smooth glossy finish that would make everybody's eyes pop. I have tried to combine these colours together and they compliment each other so well!

Ultra Last Eyeliners come in 'Ultra Black' and 'Ultra Brown'. They are extremely comfortable to use as they have supporting rubber surface on them. Pigmentation wise are these absolutely crazy and last so long without any smudging. On these swatches I rubbed them with my finger and as you can see they didn't move or smear at all. As I use oil cleansing method when removing my makeup I haven't had any problems removing these afterwards. Perfect eyeliners for sure!

I have always loved Senna Cream Lipsticks. They are so smooth, hydrating and yet long lasting and these are no exceptions. 'Midas' is a gold metallic shade and 'Down To Earth' is a warm golden chocolate berry shade. I think that gold metallic shade of lipstick has to be the one product I am least excited about. I have heard that many people are loving it and using it as a topping for other lip products to give their lips more golden shine, but I just haven't worked it out yet. The other shade on the other hand is a perfection. It gives just the right shade of 'your lips but better' on your pout when blended out and turns your lips into nice opaque berry wine shade when layered.

Senna Lip Lacquers are another items I have had many luck with. Their staying power is amazing without any sticky feel like many long lasting lip glosses can leave behind. My favourite one is 'Bonfire' that is blood orange shade without any noticeable sparkle in it. It comes out as beautiful as in a tube and lights up face instantly. For even bolder wear you can apply another layer and rock the brightest look on lips for hours. 'Sunstone' is sparkling golden amber tone which delivers nude bronze lips on its own, but also makes a great topping for any other lip product. Even though it has sparkles in it they aren't something that you would feel on your lips as they are very delicate and fine.

That was a long post, but I still feel I couldn't tell much good things about Senna Cosmetics. Their makeup has always so good quality and lasting power. To be honest I would put them on the same level with any other high end makeup brand as I really can't see the difference with all the effort and passion Senna Cosmetics puts into their collections.

  1. I'm loving some of those products- particularly the eyeliners! I've never heard of Senna before-are their products expensive would you say? Or reasonable for the quality? :)

    1. Yes, they can be little bit pricey, but also worth every penny! All the Senna Cosmetics products have lasted on me so long!

  2. I've never heard of Senna before but their stuff looks lovely. I wish they sold them in the UK though haha - I'd love to try them out.

  3. I've never heard of senna products before but i just love the emerald eyeshadow shade! I will have to take a browse thanks for introducing me to them! :)

  4. I have never heard of Senna before and I soooo wish they were available in the UK! The pigmentation and colours look gorgeous!