Mádara Organic Face Soaps

In the spirit of my 'back to basics' skin care I have two other facial bars for you to introduce. These are by an organic skin care...

In the spirit of my 'back to basics' skin care I have two other facial bars for you to introduce. These are by an organic skin care company I love to pieces, Mádara Cosmetics. When I got these soaps, they weren't available on their website, but were easily found with reasonable price in all the shops that carry Madara. I actually checked few of these shops in Estonia, these lovelies were sitting proudly next to other Mádara products. Now you can also buy them as sets or separately from their website!

These soaps are packaged very neatly and naturally like all the Mádara products have been so far. You open up little cart board boxes and little most beautiful soap bars appear. I actually didn't want to get them wet at first, because they are so cute. But clearly that isn't the point of these soaps, they are developed to cleanse your beautiful face. There are two soaps for different skin types and need, yet I believe that these are so gentle you could use both of these easily with any skin type.

Mádara Blackberry White Clay Clarifying Face Soap comes in form of beautiful lavender coloured bar. It smells like berries and in a gentle way. This soap promises to give clearer skin day by day with purifying white clay and the tannins of the blackberry. The freshness of the Nordic forest combined with the botanical soap base and nourishing wheat germ oil help the skin to retain its moisture. 
Combined with water it deliver very smooth and velvety lather and you can absolutely feel white clay in it. After just one use my skin felt comfortably clean plus pores appeared tighter and clearer. I am more than convinced that natural herbal scent clears my also my mind every time I use it. 
As this soap really is clarifying, cleans out even the dirtiest skin and vanishes away any problems of troubled skin, I wouldn't suggest using it daily if your skin is extra dry. Instead it could be a weekly addition to your skin care regimen!

Mádara Birch Algae Balancing Face Soap is the green sister of the first soap. It smells just like green leaves of a birch tree or fresh grass just after much needed rain in a summer time. This bar promises to have vitamins and minerals of Nordic birch and algae to balance the skin, while the botanical soap base gently cleanses and washes away all impurities. It is also enriched with skin nourishing wheat germ oil and plant sugars helping the skin to retain its moisture. Its lather is much more gentle and comforting on skin and therefore would suit for everybody's skin for a daily use. Its little bit sweeter scent comes out in a cleansing process and comforts the skin and senses immediately.
A lot of times our skin doesn't need much and we are overdoing it with our complicated skin regimens. Whether you are oilier or drier chances are your skin's natural balance is disrupted and this simple soap will manage it better than any other cleanser.

Like every other Mádara product these have Ecocert certifications and are absolutely natural cruelty free. The key ingredient in all their anti aging-products and these soaps is pure Northern birch extract which contains minerals and brightening vitamin C. Products should be available worldwide and easy to spot. Visiting Mádara Cosmetics website you can find all their webshops and the stockists in different countries. 

  1. I have tried some Madara products but not their soaps

  2. Oh I'm sucked to those packaging, how pretty! :) I like the brand image of Madara being very feminine and angelic like. Are the face soaps too drying at all?

    1. I like it too, feel so good to have such a pretty products. As I said I thought they would be drying, but they are not! :)