Lumene Arctic Aqua

More and more I try different Lumene products, the more I fall in love into the brand itself. Lumene has come out with the Arctic Aqua ski...

More and more I try different Lumene products, the more I fall in love into the brand itself. Lumene has come out with the Arctic Aqua skin care line with the products full of mineral rich arctic spring water and hydration. It looks very simple yet enough for anybody's skin to feel gorgeous.

Arctic Aqua Deep Moisture Eye Gel is light clear gel that helps to combat any dryness, keeps skin nourished and diminishes dark circles under the eyes. Its technology binds water to skin cells and therefore provides eye area with a long-lasting hydration. The formula of it is perfect if you are just starting to look into eye creams and need something that won't suffocate your eye area with unnecessary heaviness. Even though I thought this eye gel will be too light for my tricky eye area, it is so powerful and does its job in depth. I have found a perfect morning eye product that also acts as a perfect base for under eye concealer!

Arctic Aqua 24h Balancing Moisture Face Cream has a balancing effect and tends to suit for oilier and combination skin types. I used it couple of times as my day cream and loved it very much. It promises to balance skin in general, reduce impurities, help to keep skin matt and control shine. Sounds like a perfect face moisturiser for people who are struggling with skin producing too much oil. When weather started to get cooler I decided I need something richer as I am not too concerned about my skin being shiny. Regardless would recommend this moisturiser if matte yet hydrated skin is something you are looking for. This fresh smelling product will work miracles and be like a much needed spring water for your confused skin.

Arctic Aqua Deep Moisture Night Cream has been my cup of tea ever since I got these three products. It promises to provide effective, long-term hydration for skin during the night by helping to improve skin's own natural protection mechanism. This is much richer and thicker cream, but still doesn't give a greasy feeling. Like everything else from Arctic Aqua line it smells like fresh spring water and also acts like it when applied before going to bed. It manages all the drier patches and complexion feels so soft, bright and naturally hydrated afterwards. Results are present immediately and even more after few uses.

Overall I love this line and as I said love Lumene even more than before. Lumene Arctic Aqua skin care definitely focuses on the fact that good skin care should be simple and supportive for skin's own protective barriers. It will be perfect addition if you have tried everything on the market or just starting out with the whole routine and taking care of your skin.

  1. I haven't heard of this brand before but even looking at the packaging and the gel makes me think that this is a really hydrating product :)

  2. This brand sounds amazing never heard of it either will need to check it out x

  3. My very favorite cosmetic from Finland :)