Dr Bragi Enzyme Moisturiser

This post is a long overdue as I haven't always had this product completely figured out and therefore didn't really want to post ab...

This post is a long overdue as I haven't always had this product completely figured out and therefore didn't really want to post about it. But hen I actually did learn how to properly use it on my face I was blown away by how great this is. It is Dr Bragi Marine Enzyme Age Management Moisturiser. which comes in a very luxurious airless pump bottle that holds 60ml of clear gel type product that has no specific scent, something like clear and pure water would be. 

This moisturiser has patented formula that includes unique super active marine enzymes with the added hydrating and plumping hyaluronic acid. This gentle yet powerful moisutiser helps to reduce the signs of aging by fighting the effects of environmental stress, preventing the breakdown of collagen and supporting optimal cell function. 
With the aid of calming sorbitol and glycerin this oil-free moisturiser instantly nourishes the skin whilst marine enzymes continuously smooth, exfoliate and cleanse from deep within the skin. Its enzyme activity can help to dramatically rejuvenate, refine and brighten the complexion, eliminate dark circles and ease the conditions of problematic skin types.

The thing that confused me when started using this moisturiser was the actual concentration of this product. I literally applied it as I would do with any other regular serum or face cream. I was wrong as you need to start noticing your skins need and choose the right amount for your specific need. I opted for half of the pea-sized amount and distributed it evenly all over my eye area, face and neck. A lot of times when I was oilier it was too much and I needed even less than that. Whenever you feel little bit sticky afterwards, you have applied too much product! With product so concentrated the right amount can be the littlest drop of the moisturiser.

So, this moisturiser claims to be a perfect multipurpose skin care product for everyone's needs. It acts as a toner, exfoliant, moisturiser, treatment, serum, eye cream and purifier for problematic skin. I got instantly excited about using it when I heard it actually helps to lift any impurities while treating your skin. It really is an amazing invention and cure for any enlarged pores, inflamed areas, dry patches, uneven skin tone, rough skin texture, those little white bumps a lot of people struggle with. My pores are a lot more clearer, it calms down any redness and is like a heaven sent for dry dehydrated patchy areas around my mouth. Throughout the day I never feel the need to apply more moisturiser or plot areas that got too oily before. 

While it is on the more expensive side it totally is worth everything you pay for it. You get actually more out of it than you would when purchasing any other moisturiser. First it lasts longer than any other skin care product. Second you won't need extra skin care products other than this one, it will cover them all and your skin will than you for not suffocating it with a tons of different products. 

  1. This sound so amazing!!I have to try it!Bisous doll!! ;)

  2. Whoa, what an AWESOME multi-tasking product by the sound of it! Sounds like such a perfect treat for travelling!

    1. You are absolutely right, didn't think of the travelling advantage!