Back to Basics! Soap Bar for Face

Lately I have been looking into simple yet effective old fashioned face cleansing methods in order ...

Lately I have been looking into simple yet effective old fashioned face cleansing methods in order to achieve natural glowing bright face. I discovered that there are a lot of bar soaps meant to treat your face and these kinds of soap aren't necessarily harsh or include soap at all. I picked up several soaps to test out, but one of them is definitely the most valuable and darling to me. Not only because it comes from my own little country Estonia and is purely hand made, but it includes many active elements that take care of any skin problems. It is Deep Facial Cleansing Bar by Nurme.

Being 100% natural it cleans, nourishes and repairs gently any type of face. It promises to clean any traces of makeup and dirt same time restoring skin's natural balance of minerals. 
Ingredients wise it is a dream come true for everyone who loves natural yet effective skin care products. It has olive oil, shea butter, coconut oil, ricinus seed oil, goats milk powder, activated charcoal and essential oils of ylang-ylang, patchouli, lavender.

Soap itself is solid quite big sized black bar that smells very natural and pleasant for me. Its blackness comes from charcoal that cleanses and purifies any skin type deeply. Soap foams up pretty fast for the bar that is whole natural and full of nourishing oils. Lather comes out grey and goes on face smoothly without any discomfort or drying effect. Other than that you use it as you would use any other face cleanser and you end up with obviously smoother and cleaner face that doesn't feel dry or tight afterwards. I have noticed a vast improvement in my skin's overall brightness and texture.

Good face cleanser should moisturise and protect face while cleansing and this bar definitely does it even better than expected. Having soap bar as your face cleanser will save you a ton of resources and more convenient than you thought. Bar itself dries perfectly after every and lasts on me so long.