Helena Lane Lavender & Lime Cleanser

Oil based cleansers have finally earned their position in the world of face cleansers and I can't be more happier about. There has been...

Oil based cleansers have finally earned their position in the world of face cleansers and I can't be more happier about. There has been many wrong misunderstandings and beliefs when it comes to oil based cleansers, but seems like now people are more aware of these. Oil based cleansers and products in general are not bad for oily or imbalanced skin as long as right products have been chosen. When you use good and right oils for your skin type results can be miraculous!

I had the opportunity to try out Helena Lane Balancing Skin Set with little tiny travel sizes of skin care products in it. Going on with the cleansers route Helena Lane Lavender & Lime Cleanser is my favourite from the whole set. 

Classy and cute metal tin is about the size of a lip balm and holds in 15ml of the creamy, good smelling cleanser that feels like balm. Original packaging holds 60ml and is more attractive glass jar with the lovely Helena Lane logo on it. Even though I got my hands on this tiny tin I still got so much use out of it as it is super concentrated.

This calming yet refreshing balm is especially suitable for combination, acne prone and oily skin types, but can be used on every skin type. It helps to unclog pores, smooth and soften skin, regulate oil production and has antibacterial healing properties.

Despite the fact that it is 100% organic it removes even the most stubborn makeup without the unnecessary scrubbing or chemicals.

You take a pea sized amount of product, massage into damp face and relax because the process itself is very soothing and relaxing due to wonderful aromas of this cleanser. It can also be used as a mask when you want to leave it on your face for 2-20 minutes. After that you take warm damp face cloth and your skin feels so smooth, balanced and comfortable. If I am wearing a lot of makeup I usually repeat the process and use it as a mask for few minutes on the second time. With super oily skin you won't necessarily need a moisturiser afterwards as skin will feel very velvety and hydrated without any unwanted greasiness.

I couldn't say more favorable words about this cleanser other than it truly feels amazing and really is as good as it sounds. Having all the right ingredients it makes a better cleanser than any other harsh cleansers or treatments meant for oily and acne prone skin. You just have to trust it and give it a go!

  1. I feel like oil cleansers are such a great way of taking off makeup. They're really heavy duty! Glad to see that they're slowly becoming a little more mainstream. :)

    Lynn | Makeup With Tea

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  3. This cleanser looks so good! xx

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  5. Oh wow this sounds so heavenly :D I would love to try this... I LOVE your blog design, I wish I knew how to customise mine like this xx

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    1. Yours looks also awesome! It is not that hard, lot of Google.com, font searching and practicing :)