Palmer's Cocoa Body Butter

I have had this body moisturiser exactly for a month now and it feels like it is great time to talk about it. I picked it up in order to gi...

I have had this body moisturiser exactly for a month now and it feels like it is great time to talk about it. I picked it up in order to give my dry winter skin some moisture for spring/summer time and it was quite affordable. Butter formula became mostly the thing that caught me, I love body butters!


When I first opened it I was pretty excited as I saw it slightly yellowish bronze shade. I knew it doesn't matter, because it doesn't give any tone to skin, but I hoped it would also even my skin tone a little bit.
It felt very moisturising and thick yet lightweight when applied sparingly.

As you can see I have plenty of it left and I am use body butters every single day, sometimes even more. So there is the proof that a little bit goes a long way as it is very moisturising. That I love about it! 

Palmer's says that it has pure cocoa butter combined with restorative vitamin E and deeply hydrating urea that transform the roughest, driest skin into silky smooth whilst helping to improve the appearance of marks and scars. 

So, as a matter of fact it does promise to give more even skin tone. I noticed prettier skin just after applying, but any long term results in skin tone didn't appear to me. After washing it everything was gone. Moisturising properties on the other hand are so good as I felt my skin was smoother and more nourished even after taking a shower. 

I love this body butter but the most disgusting downside of this cream is the smell of it. I have smelled cocoa butter and like the scent of it, but the smell of this body butter doesn't appeal to me at all. It smells very synthetic like plastic or paint to me. At first it wasn't that bad and I was pretty neutral to it, but with every use it got worse and I almost got sick of it. Bad enough the smell of it lingers around the house quite some time after applying this.

I think I will give this cream some rest and use something else for a while. Maybe I will tolerate the smell of it in the future again. Luckily it is summer and such a moisturising cream would feel too heavy anyways.

  1. i've tried this body butter too and totally agree about the smell, it lingers for so long too! :( i'm trying one of the body shop's body butters at the minute and so far so good! X

    1. Most of the Body Shop ones smell so good, so I can imagine that I wouldn't mind the smell lingering :) Love your blog btw!

  2. This sounds so good! I love the smell of coconut products so will give this a try out :D x | Shamballa Bracelet Giveaway ♥