My Summer Beauty Essentials

So, these are not rules by any means, but I think that we all do have little must-haves in order to looks presentable and most importantly ...

So, these are not rules by any means, but I think that we all do have little must-haves in order to looks presentable and most importantly feel good in every situation. What are good things to have when those hot summer weathers kick in and you need to look your best!

Cleansing routine:

Stick to your cleansing routine even though you are always in a hurry and sometimes you get into bed early morning. I think that Clarisonic MIA does wonderful job at it giving deep cleaning 'just had professional facial' effect.

Berry shade lip product:

Wear lip shade that gives you juicy pout and you probably don't need any other makeup at all! I love
Helen-E Lip Gloss in Maraschino, cause it gives very natural shade for long time that lights up any face.

Face mist:

Mists give you good refreshment and hydration whenever you need it and are particularly easy to use on the go. I am enjoying this AEOS Facial Mist and the fact it is organic.

Light moisturiser for face:

You want to have a moisturiser that doesn't make you shiny but moisturises thoroughly and calms any redness from the heat. I happen to love MÀDARA Deep Moisture Gel because it moisturises deeply yet doesn't suffocate skin in its lightness.

Calming eye cream:

Having allergies, tired of the sun or sleepless nights? I love JOIK eye cream with mango butter and argan oil. It has all good natural oils and calming aloe in it. Feels very refreshing yet nourishing on the eye area.

Makeup compact:

You don't want to make it complicated when it comes to makeup and carrying it around. I use Sleek Face Form in Light that has matte bronzer, beautiful angelic highlighter and coral golden blush all in one little palette.

Natural looking mascara:

You don't need heavy thick mascara that weighs your lashes down. Yet don't want to make compromises on volume and definition no matter what the season is. I find that Lumene Natural Code Volume-Maximizing Mascara gives just that right kind of feather lashes!

Sun protection:

You definitely need sun protection but better yet if you get light coverage with it to cover little imperfections and even out the skin tone. Organic tinted moisturiser by Marie Veronique does just that job and it is good for your skin. Marie Veronique Organics Pacific Everyday Sheer Coverage, SPF 20.

Good hair treatment:

Treatments give your hair much needed nourishment and wake up your dull hair! You can use your own oils depending on what you have in your home or you can use some pre-made organic oil cocktails on the market that have just the right amount of goodness in it. I love to keep my hair healthy and shiny with Saaf Enriching Hair Oil. I use it as a treatment all over my hair or few drops  as a serum to bring back the shine.

Regular exfoliation:

Even if you wash your face every day you still need to exfoliate it once a week or once every two weeks, depending on your skin type. This Conscious Skincare Neutralize Exfoliant is all natural and has that fresh citrus cent and ingredients in it. It acts like a mechanical  scrub and chemical peel at the same time leaving skin so soft and smooth.

What are your favourites, do-s and don't-s for warmer months?

  1. great tips, I really want to invest in a clarasonic! I've never tried Saaf enriching hair oil but am always up for trying new things on my hair so will definitely check it out x

    1. Thank you! I am also loving new things :)

    2. Hi Maris!!

      I really like your tips for the summer! It's winter here but I'm going back home to Indonesia where it's hot and humid. I have been looking at tinted moisturisers with SPF, the MV one you mentioned looks good. But, have you by any chance tried Jane Iredale BB Cream? It has quite high SPF and gives a nice medium coverage.

      I have come across the brand conscious skincare on Etsy before! Looks gooood! Which products have you tried from them and liked?

    3. Hello! No, I haven't tried Jane Iredale, but have heard so much good about it. I have also tried Conscious skincare Neutralize Night Serum, which is to die for and their Neutralize Day Cream which wasn't that good as it felt little bit greasy for me.

  2. You have such a pretty blog! I would really love a Clarisonic, especially a Mint one :D xx

    Gemma ♥ |

  3. love your tips... i need to add a face mist to my purse :)

  4. Really do need a Clarisonic, heard such fab things about it xo

    Pretty Petticoats

  5. great tips!


  6. Love this post! Great tips :) xx

  7. Thanks for visiting my blog.
    Love yours, it's so pretty! Following!
    I'm dying to try the Korres hair mask, thinking of buying it for when holiday, hair is always so dry on holiday.
    Lovely post & great tips! xx

    Rachael |
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  8. Love your blog!! :) I blog about organic and cruelty-free makeup and skin care too :) You might enjoy popping over. Keep up the great blogging!! x

  9. A lot of fantastic stuff! Great reviews! : )

  10. Very tempted by that berry lip gloss. I used to purchase a lot of Helen E products but their counters seem to be disappearing! Can't find them in any department stores anymore!.

  11. Awesome review! I want the clarasonic a lot!