My Current Skincare Routine #1

I haven't done these posts, yet I love to see what other people put on their skin on daily basis. My skin care is totally different fro...

I haven't done these posts, yet I love to see what other people put on their skin on daily basis. My skin care is totally different from what I used maybe a year ago. I have gone step by step and little by little to more natural products. Also I have huge crush on different oils, serums. By heart literally starts beating faster when I get my hands on new skin oil.


This has definitely been a key device in my skin care routine. My skin has never been so smooth and clear. Yes, you can get smooth skin with a good exfoliant, but this is new and unknown level of smoothness and clearness you have no idea of until you have tried Clarisonic. I got mine from Fresh Water Valley - link.


This is the product that does many things. It acts like exfoliating cleanser if you wash it off afterwards and acts like detoxifying mask when you leave it on your skin for 5 minutes. I love it both ways. It has to be the best cleanser I have used so far. This is so concentrated that you need only half of a pea sized amount and it foams up without any trouble at all. It has very fine and gentle particles in it that deep clean your skin without any discomfort or tightness afterwards. Proteins in it leave my moisturised and glowing - link.


This facial oil is especially designed to protect, heal and brighten the skin during summer months. It boosts circulation, balances skin, protects the skin that is overexposed to sunlight. I use it mostly in the night time as I love its comforting relaxing scent. It leaves my skin so smooth, radiant, calm and hydrated without any pore clogging, oiliness or breakouts. Key ingredients are Rose de Mai, Clary Sage, Frankincense, Galbanum,  Geranium, Grapefruit,  Jasmine etc - link.


I use this sample sized moisturiser on my drier areas (forehead, lips, cheeks and sometimes all over the face). It doesn't feel oily, so it is safe to use all over the face, but I simply don't want to over moisturise my skin. It feels really light and delicate, almost like a balm. Yet is extremely concentrated and powerful with its vitamins A, C and E. I love the refreshing grapefruit in it - link.


Once a week I use this face mask. It is exfoliating, smoothing and lightning mask designed for skin that has problems with enlarged or clogged pores, oiliness or scarring. It definitely does good job at exfoliation and cleansing the skin. I am not so sure about its whitening properties in the long term, but by removing old dull layer of dead skin it definitely brightens the skin and adds natural glow with just one use - link.


Unfortunately this little miracle has been discontinued. This product has tea tree oil along with lavender and melissa oil in it. Melissa oil is the reason why it has been discontinued, they lost their source of it. I use it on any problem areas I might have: bug bites, cuts, blemishes, spots, rashes. It does absolutely miracles, by calming the skin immediately and healing it faster than anything else. Also I discovered myself that the calming scent of essential oils reduces any headaches or tension when inhaling it - discontinued.


This very light and perfect for summer when you don't want any heaviness around your eyes. I love that it has raw organic ingredients and a lot of vitamins (A, C and E) along with green tea with is a good antioxidant. It has definitely reduced my darkness around eyes and fine lines I had form dehydration before using it are completely gone. You aren't much eye creams around that combat any troubles from lines, to puffiness and circles, but this is the little miracle that does it. It feels good and my eye area loves me for using this - link.


This is the little miracle worker. It gave me results faster than any other products I have used lately. Usually I give products some more time when making my mind, but this product kicked in within one to two applications. This serum decongests, balances and improves the skin tone. It almost like sloughs away any dull skin and gives you clean, pure and new skin instead. I saw cleaner pores and smoother skin with just one use, so my skin must love it and I will most definitely continue to use it until the last drop of it - link.


I am not really toner person, but this toner changed my mind. It smells like goodness in a bottle, feels very natural and doesn't act like any other toners I have used. A lot of toners can leave weird residue on face, but this one skins into skin like a much needed juice. I spray it on my face and don't mess with cotton pads. After spraying I pat it gently into the skin and it feel almost like very light refreshing serum. It preps the skin perfectly for following steps, calms any redness or tiredness instantly. It is almost addictive! - link.

Overall my skin has become clearer, smoother and brighter... of course it can always get better and that is why I am continuing to use these lovelies with hope in my heart.

  1. I really want to get a clarisonic Mia I really want the Mia 2 though which is a pain in the UK. I've been put off my the bad reviews but still so tempted :)

    I have a M.A.C giveaway on my blog at the minute. You should check it out :)

    1. I really think that people who give bad reviews doesn't use Clarisonic correctly (use the wrong brush head or push on their skin too hard with it).

  2. check out my blog & follow if you like :)

  3. Nice products! De Lemiel Facial oil and Dr. Alkaitis eye cream are divine!

    Clarisonic can be a life-changing product! I used to use it, but prefer to just do normal cleanse now - I like the gentle massage technique. I love your skin care routine, you have very nice products. I am also obsessed with facial serums and oils, there's just something that excites me so much about putting it on and then waking up to see the difference. De Lemiel facial oil sounds so very wonderful. Is that the latest one? I like the idea of her seasonal facial oils but the down under is kind of missing out since we have the opposite weather :p

    1. Hey! It sometimes very nice to do a hot cloth cleansing, I like that also. De Mamiel Summer Oil is not out yet, it will be out on June 20th. If we have the opposite weather I would suggest De Mamiel Autumn or Winter Facial Oil :) I think it is exciting to have a oil according the season.

    2. Oh! I didn't know she would still sell all of her seasonal oils :) thought it's limited edition only. Thanks for the info!

  4. thank you for sharing this list of products!